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April 2007
Business cases

• Northern Racing (United Kingdom)
• Ministry of Defense (France)

• DCN (France)

• AOK (Germany)
• State of New Jersey (USA)

NovaForge: supporting naval defense systems

A major player in the European market for naval defense systems, the DCN group supplies the French Navy among other customers with surface ships and submarines under turnkey contracts.

DCN is developing a global approach to its warships from the construction stage right through to fitting out, including weaponry installations and the CMS, or Combat Management System. GEMO (GEneric/MOdular) is the name given to an internal DCN process for developing re-useable application components for the new generation of CMS. GEMO involves defining a reference architecture (assembly rules, architecture principles and the use of components) developing the re-useable application components, and creating the tools and productivity guides, both for the design and the construction, but also the acceptance stages of the project.

Bull embarked on the partnership with DCN in August 2006, drawing on its technical expertise, its proximity and its R&D center based at Echirolles near Grenoble. DCN’s ever increasing requirement for more power means that today Bull is being called upon to contribute in the following domains:
UML1 expertise, modeling and information systems ‘urbanization’, along with change management support (providing training, helping to enhance NICT2 skills within customer teams)
Developing components for the technical layer of the system architecture
Developing tools components to assist with the use of GEMO (deployment, model-based code generation)
Refactoring existing components
Providing components for a demonstration submarine using the components. The purpose of this demonstrator is to showcase ‘best practices’ when it comes to using components in the context of a CMS
Providing a prototype of a mini-CMS surface ship featuring look-out functions, destined to be embedded, in order to demonstrate their potential in the context of renovation programs for existing systems
Third-party application acceptance, an activity DCN is entrusting to Bull, including qualification of the full range of software components, tools and documentation.

Currently, 23 Bull staff is working on these projects, half of them at DCN site at Toulon (Mourillon), and the other half in Bull’s services center at Château Gombert, the science park near Marseille. Their work is based on using the NovaForge software development factory, notably to support collaborative work, and for building development and testing tools.
Bull’s regional proximity and its ability to support DCN in the implementation of its new information system are key elements in this very dynamic project.


1UML: Unified Modeling Language

2NICT: New Information and Communication Technologies


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