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April 2007

‘Architect of an Open World’ and creator of value

D Lamouche

Innovation, speed, flexibility are at the heart of the battle being waged throughout our constantly evolving, networked world. In this era of the digital economy – that is so profoundly changing business ecosystems –information systems are the heart of the engine that drives all business sectors. Opening up information systems, accelerating development and deployment of new services are ways to make IT a lever for growth and competitiveness.

Against this background, Bull is also going through a transformation: focusing on infrastructure solutions, business solutions and high added-value services. Bull has impressive credentials in these areas, having worked alongside major public sector bodies including customs and taxation authorities, defense, local authorities, health and social care providers, as well as private sector and telecoms operators.

In 2007, as I have already indicated, we are launching a new offensive to promote seven new initiatives. The first of these, going live today, is designed to help you liberate the full potential of your information systems, to break down internal barriers, and accelerate and industrialize the development of your new applications to ensure that they interoperate with existing applications.

To do this, we are calling on the expertise of our services centers worldwide around NovaForge – our collaborative development platform for Open Source applications – so enabling us to offer the highest level of professional and structured methodologies and tools to enhance productivity.

In Bull Direct, we regularly publish news about solutions and innovative infrastructures that we are developing for our customers. From mobile in-flight communications services, to data warehouses for Medicaid in the United States, to the modernization of customs controls in Europe, or new developments being undertaken by the French Navy using NovaForge… our achievements illustrate how we can help you bring together the best of these technologies to ensure that your information systems are the real powerhouse for delivering your business strategy.

It’s time to liberate your information systems with Bull!

Didier Lamouche
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer



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