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April 2007
Business cases

• Northern Racing (United Kingdom)
• Ministry of Defense (France)

• DCN (France)

• AOK (Germany)
• State of New Jersey (USA)

French Navy chooses Open Source

The French Navy is involved in military and civil actions to defend national security at sea and in the airspace above it. In 2005, as part of the program of modernization, two objectives were defined for the French Ministry of Defense’s HRIS (Human Resource Information System):
Ensure productivity gains in the payroll process for the Ministry’s staff
Improve on performance (knowledge of the workforce salary costs, service quality delivered, organization of payment centers, etc.).
In 2005, the HR management system being used and maintained by the French Navy was based on obsolete technologies and, as a result, was engendering continuity problems and distribution difficulties. The decision was taken to launch a modernization project with a two-pronged approach. Firstly, re-writing applications and transferring them from a C/S architecture over to an Open Source J2EE-type architecture (technical migration). Secondly, staff training in new technologies and modernization of production procedures.
The new system also had to meet some tough constraints: ensuring service continuity, maintaining interoperability with other information systems, ensuring the transfer of skills and properties, all within a single service center.
For the deployment of this 100% Open Source architecture, Bull implemented a complete solution, including:
A dedicated service centre on the customer site
Constitution of mixed specialist teams: 40 staff of which 20 are Bull’s own personnel
Implementation of NovaForge in order to ensure productivity gains and guarantee the required level of quality, including (collaborative working portal, development tools, integration, tests, unified production process)
Use of the MEGA modeling tool as a unique Information System repository
Constitution of a team dedicated to managing the change in partnership with Bull Training Center (skills migration and planning of customized training on every component of the project (Java, Eclipse, NovaStudio).

At the end of the day, the French Navy was able to benefit both from the close proximity of Bull teams located in the same region, and from the expertise of specialized entities such as Bull Training, Bull R&D and Bull Product Engineering. These resources operate in perfect synergy with the CTI/HR teams, and will enable the French Navy to simultaneously co-ordinate the modernization of its information system and change management support for its IT staff.

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