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May 2007

Taking innovation to heart

D Lamouche

Innovation in today business is absolutely vital. There are many technologies to speed up innovation. And we’re particularly interested in one of them, computer simulation: one of the everyday strategic challenges that characterizes the competitive landscape.

Simulation can be applied in every industry sector, whether it’s used to model complex phenomena, manage risks in the financial sector using mathematical models, provide real-time decision support or carry out multi-media research on massive volumes of data. In industry, it has become an essential element in product design and development, and in research. It can deliver significant cost savings and considerably speed up development lifecycles, by providing very accurate predictions of all the conditions under which products will be used, and so really helping to optimize designs.

But for SMEs and medium-sized research establishments, access to simulation technologies is not yet a systematic thing. The upfront investment, the technical complexity, the difficulty of ensuring they have appropriate skills… all these are major issues holding them back.

With our extensive experience gained on very large-scale simulation systems, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that all businesses and all research centers – no matter what size they are – have access to these kinds of solutions.

With this aim in mind, we are today launching our latest initiative, aimed at ‘Accelerating innovation’. High-performance computing is now accessible to everyone, through new, ‘plug and play’ configurations featuring the kinds of quintessential technologies first developed for large-scale computing centers.

Everyone’s entitled to power: and more than ever, high-performance computing is at the heart of Bull’s strategy.

Didier Lamouche

Didier Lamouche
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer



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