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May 2007
Guest contributors
The FAME2 project profile

The main objective of the project is to validate by the end of 2008, the capability of Bull’s new-generation servers to deliver the petaflop systems of tomorrow. In real terms, this project enhances the competitiveness of all players involved in each of their respective markets, and aims to consolidate French competitiveness in supercomputers, destined to be central to tomorrow’s digital industry.

Partners: three major companies, three start-ups, eight privately owned or academic research centers
Bull, the European IT manufacturer, designer and supplier of the TERA-101 to the CEA
CAPS Entreprise, tools for software parallelization and support in optimizing high-performance computing code
CEA DAM, the Military Applications Directorate of the French Atomic Energy Authority
CEA DRT, the Technology Research Directorate of the French Atomic Energy Authority
Dassault-Aviation, a major player in the civil and military worldwide aeronautical industry with the Falcon, Rafale, and Mirage aircrafts
ECP - MAS (Ecole Centrale Paris / Laboratoire Mathématiques Appliquées aux Systèmes)
IFP, the French national petroleum industry institute
ILOG, software components for business activity regulations handling
INRIA – IRISA, the French national institute for IT and Automation Research and the Institute for Research into IT and random access systems
INT – ARTEMIS, the French national telecommunications institute - Advanced Research TEchniques for Multidimensional Imaging Systems
NewPhenix, multi-criterion research tools, the art of finding one image in 500,000
Resonate MP4, e-multimedia on Internet and mobile telephone networks
IBISC, IT, integrative biology and complex systems laboratory at the University of Evry
UVSQ – ITACA, University of Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines / Innovation in Tera-Computing and Algorithms).

Scientific advisory panel
Claude Camozzi, Director of Platform Strategy, Bull
Christian Fluhr, Director of Research at CEA LIST (the CEA’s systems integration and technology laboratory)
Pierre Leca, Head of the simulation and information sciences department at the CEA/DAM
Prof. Dr.-Ing Michael Resch, Director of the High Performance Computing Calculation Center (HLRS) at the University of Stuttgart in Germany
Cristoforo Romanelli, Chairman and CEO, Quadrics, Italy
Karl Solchenbach, Director Cluster Software and Technologies, Intel, Germany

Investment: 100 staff per annum

Claude Camozzi, Bull,
Pierre Leca, CEA,

FAME2: digital innovation and simulations. Comment from partners

1 TERA-10, the most powerful supercomputer ever designed and manufactured in Europe, N°7 in the world according to the Top 500 classification.

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