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May 2007
Business cases

• Hanover University (Germany)
• Reims University (France)

• Quadrics (Italy)

• Kraftway (Russia)
• Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital (United Kingdom)

Powerful Cluster of Kraftway entered the list of TOP50 Supercomputers of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

Powerful cluster of Kraftway G-Scale installed at the company Competence Centre entered into a new version of the supercomputer rating of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS, ex-USSR without Baltic Republics) TOP50 published on April 11, 2007. System classification is performed by R&D Computing Centre of Lomonosov Moscow State University and Joint Supercomputer Centre of Academy of Sciences of Russia twice a year.

Kraftway Company presented a 4 node cluster of 8 processors and 64GB of RAM in each node. A solution based on Bull Company platform uses 32 dual core Intel Itanium 2 processors (64 cores) with a frequency of 1.6GHz and 12MB of level 3 cache memory per core. The system is unique as it allows to use different interconnection depending on the research requirements – QsNet2 (Quadrics), InfiniBand or Bull FAME (Flexible Architecture for Multiple Environments) NUMA interconnection – without physical connections changes.

Kraftway system is at the 20th place in the CIS TOTP50 list of high-performance computers. It showed Linpack performance of 377 Gflops and peak performance of 410 Gflops demonstrating the efficiency of more than 0.9.

Generally, the 6th version of supercomputer rating demonstrated a record performance growth of CIS TOP50 high-performance computers. In 6 months since the last rating real summary Linpack performance of the systems doubled and is equal to 45.8 Tflops.

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