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June 2007
Business cases

• Groupe La Poste (France)
• INSS (Spain)

• V-TRAFIC (France)
• Armée de l'Air (France)

French Air Force once again entrusts its central logistics IT infrastructure to Bull


Airbase command has to make the flexibility and speed of deployment of air weaponry its first priority. All bases – whether in France, the French overseas territories or foreign countries – have a similar host infrastructure capable of coordinating logistical support for navigation units, so they can be deployed with the absolute certainty of finding the resources they need to carry out their missions at every base.
Every airbase is consolidated on a main site and a back-up site. At the heart of the logistical infrastructure, the main application is the spare parts management system.
The French Air Force’s IT Directorate wanted to update the various GCOS 7 systems installed at the two sites. The new infrastructure had to achieve the following objectives:
Improve/rationalize operating costs without altering any of the applications
Provide openness, while supporting the launch of a consolidation program
Deliver excellent performance.

The relationship of trust between Bull and both the Air Force and EADS (the software supplier for the spare parts management application), the quality of Bull NovaScale servers demonstrated in benchmark testing, and Bull’s technical services offerings all contributed to the Air Force’s decision to adopt these new technologies.

The first Bull NovaScale 7000 server, dedicated to production, is configured with three partitions:
- One GCOS 7 partition for the central IT hardware administration application
- One GCOS 7 partition for the airbase’s local applications
- An Open Red Hat partition, a bridge towards the Open Source environment.

The second Bull NovaScale 7000 server, dedicated to development and system recovery, is configured with two partitions:
- One GCOS 7 partition for development and recovery
- One Open Red Hat partition as a bridge towards Open Source.


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