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February 2007
Bull Escala® range of servers welcomes blades

Bull launched new blade servers Escala EL (Evolutive Line) to complement its historic Escala PL range of SMP servers.

The announcement includes two blade servers based on the PowerPC RISC chip and running AIX®: Escala EL 245B two-core server and Escala EL 445B four-core server. At the same time, Bull announced the availability of 7U and 9U chassis and the entire eco-system for a complete scale-out solution based on AIX.
The last few years has shown a growing acceptance of this technology as a response to customers' demands for simplification in server administration, better use of physical space and improved energy efficiency.
With the addition of the Blade systems, the Escala portfolio offers a complete range of solutions, whether scale-out to scale-up, answering all customers' needs.

More information about Escala servers

Not all consolidation servers are equal when it comes to software licensing

Escala’s POWER processor gives Bull’s customers the edge in cost of ownership on Oracle software license investments and support costs.

An Escala consolidation server can save anything from €20K to €300K on Oracle database licensing. Does that sound too good to be true? Not really, with Oracle licenses costs, and the hidden value of Oracle’s new licensing rules.

Under Oracle’s new “per socket” licensing rules, a Bull Escala consolidation server equipped with quad-core processors can stay with the much cheaper (from 3,893€ per socket versus 31,172€ per processor) Oracle 10g Standard Editions much longer than any other Unix server. The higher your DB requirements, the more you save. On an Escala 16-core server cluster the saving is 330,000€.
In addition and for the same reason, Escala is the only Unix server that provides 16 fully-fledged processing cores, and these can even be distributed over 2 servers using RAC, while you pay only 4 Oracle (Standard Edition) licenses.
Lastly, for many years now Bull Escala servers have consistently provided much more DB mileage per Oracle license than any other server in the world. With the recently announced 4.7 GHz Power6 processor, the stakes have been raised even higher. On a Bull Escala server you not only get more cores for the same number of Oracle licenses, but you also get much more processing power per core.

Implementing Oracle does not have to be expensive. We recently came across a medium-sized Bull customer that had 30 database instances. Bull was able to cut its license requirements in half by offering two Escala consolidation servers. If you think your organization could benefit in the same way, please contact Philippe Richard ( or your Bull sales person.

IP infrastructures and security of the information system
Interview with Philippe Galopin, Director of Bull Networks and Security

Bull Networks and Security is a new division in Bull combining three business activities within a single community of experts offering enterprises end-to-end support in defining, implementing and operating their IP infrastructures.

Technological advances in networks are continuing to appear, offering more and more services. What impact is this having on information systems?
Customers, partners, and citizens today all enjoy access via IP from just about anywhere to multimedia information: this is the result of a staggering degree of change in both technologies and players. This opening up of networks together with multiple access points and voice/data convergence on IP, means that the communication infrastructure has become one of the most critical elements within the information system (IS). It is clearly absolutely vital, moreover, to safeguard service security and continuity, and performance. We also need to grow the infrastructure while managing change, and controlling costs and risks in the longer term.

Therefore, enterprises have to face new challenges:
Defining policies governing futures changes to the scope of networks and IT security, based on analysis of the challenges, risks and vulnerabilities
Planning and organizing action plans, covering all aspects of IT security (access control, service quality and user behavior, service continuity and disaster recovery)
Designing and integrating these new convergent and secure technologies within the IS
Administering, monitoring, maintaining and controlling infrastructure development, requiring the deployment of shared resources and processes between business and IT management teams.

In this context, what does Bull Networks and Security offer customers?
With the refocusing of our three business activities of security consultancy, integration of convergent and secured communication infrastructures, and security management services, Bull is well-placed to respond to the issues involved in implementing and growing new information system communication infrastructures.

Bull offers a great deal of added value:
More than 150 experts working in the three areas, covering the entire lifecycle of information system networks and IT security: a headcount that is planned to increase in the near future to several hundred staff
A comprehensive professional range of both mobile and on-site remote management services, offering 24/7 support to users
An ecosystem built around leading market technologies, drawing on well-established partnerships and specific business sector expertise (including banking and payments systems, the defense and telecommunications sectors...)
Vertical solutions built around reliable service platforms including e-signature, certificate management, identity management and even IP-based telephony
The benefits of our long experience gained through working on significant, large-scale projects.

What kinds of services will Bull Networks and Security offer the market?
We are organized around three business activities covering the lifecycle of networks and IT security infrastructures:

  • Consulting and audit to support CIOs in the analysis, definition and organization of security and network resources, enabling them to respond to the growing needs of their users. We provide expertise as required for analyzing needs, conducting exhaustive testing and control of vulnerabilities, defining and implementing security action plans, assisting with the choice of solutions, managing change, implementing security libraries and dealing with recurrent risks, defining business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.
  • Integrating global solutions for designing, integrating and implementing secure, convergent communication infrastructures, such as those needed to manage certification, e-signature, identity management, Web service security, IP-based telephony, shared voice/image/data working tools, directories and more. Bull integrates both solutions from the marketplace (Arkoon, Cisco, Citrix, Enterasys, Foundry, Juniper, Sophos, Symantec, Trend micro) and those developed in-house: Crypt2pay (banking/payments systems), MetaPKI (certification management), MetaSign (e-signature), BXSS (managing Web services and identities), TrustWay (encryption solutions), and of course technologies and products from its subsidiary Evidian.
  • Management services for networks and IT security enable us to guarantee performance and high availability for solutions. This includes technology watch and security intelligence; test intrusion and monitoring services, maintenance and round-the-clock, 365-day-a-year services; all delivered under defined Service Level Agreements. These services are based around a dedicated professional infrastructure designed to fulfill the quality and service requirement levels expected by users today.

New release of Evidian E-SSO, designed for advanced Microsoft environments


Evidian, a Bull subsidiary and the European leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM), announces today the “Evolution 4” release of WiseGuard 4.5, the module of its IAM suite that manages access and protects users’ confidential data. This new release speeds up the deployment of enterprise SSO by adapting to the most complex heterogeneous environments.

Thanks to our years of experience and successes in the deployment of SSO solutions for large organizations such as Total, Deutsche Telekom and Nissan, we design the most suitable products, in terms of performance and service continuity, for multi-domain organizations” declared Hassan Maad, Evidian’s Managing Director. “SSO solutions strongly contribute to the successful implementation of user lifecycle management systems in enterprises. An example is the compatibility of our solutions with the Microsoft ILM approach, as WiseGuard adapts to the most widespread heterogeneous environments.”

A perfect combination with Microsoft’s Active Directory and Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM)
Evolution 4 offers advanced integration with Microsoft Active Directory. An administrator can now use WiseGuard Extended Manager to manage users of multiple Active Directory domains, from a single console, and user mobility with just a few mouse clicks. As Evolution 4 natively supports ADAM and Windows Vista, it can be transparently combined with existing infrastructures. Organizations can, therefore, get the best value for their Microsoft Active Directory investment.
Evidian’s WiseGuard further extends the capabilities of Microsoft’s ILM offering, providing our customers with a best-of-breed Desktop/Enterprise Single Sign-On solution, by utilizing the existing availability, resilience and security of Active Directory” said Daniel Meyer, the Microsoft Enterprise Technology Strategist, Identity Management. “WiseGuard in conjunction with ADAM supports the automated discovery of user accounts and links very nicely with ILM. This approach removes the cost of introducing and managing new infrastructure therefore delivering rapid ROI to our customers. Evidian’s WiseGuard is especially valuable if Kerberos and ADFS are not sufficient to provide SSO in very complex, heterogeneous enterprise environments with many legacy systems.

Service assurance and high availability for authentication services
Building on the existing redundancy features of WiseGuard, the new features make it possible to configure multiple administration servers for the same LDAP domain, replicating both administration actions and the log of those actions.
Ready-to-use reports for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley
The audit function has been extended and now covers all access and administration-related events. Modeled on a role-based management system, Extended Manager brings in advanced administration tools, making it possible to precisely adapt access management to existing business processes.
By natively providing fingerprint management over the entire SSO cycle – from user registration to authentication – WiseGuard makes strong authentication an integral part of the auditability requirement of present-day regulations. Biometrics can also be combined with smartcard-based authentication.

Learn more about Evidian

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