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July 2007
Business cases

• Taiwan Post (Taiwan)
• Ministry of Finances (Bulgaria)

• University of Düsseldorf (Germany)
• RATP (France)

Taiwan Post chose Bull NovaScale servers for its high-availability IT infrastructure

Taiwan Post is the largest postal and financial service company in Taiwan. It has over 30,000 employees and manages 1,300 branch offices. Taiwan Post has rationalized its IT infrastructure based on hundreds of servers and supporting over 10,000 programs.

In order to improve its information system administration, the company decided to deploy and integrate all its open systems in a centralized environment. This involved:

  • Centralizing the most widely-used applications including the human resources management system, ‘reporting’ system, electronic document management system, Internet banking operations, etc.
  • Creating an Oracle database cluster and deploying a database back-up system
  • Deploying a remote disaster recovery system
  • Migrating applications.

A €1.3million contract for an open, high-availability architecture
Bull successfully integrated the former distributed architectures into the customer’s existing datacenter, by deploying two large-scale NovaScale Intensive servers running under Windows Enterprise Server 2003 and RedHat Enterprise, as well as 16 NovaScale blade servers running under Linux and an SAN storage network. Unified administration for the entire system is provided by NovaScale Master.
In addition, Bull incorporated a large number of components from third-party suppliers into this complex architecture. For example, Bull experts built a Windows cluster including the company’s own NovaScale Intensive servers and the customer’s existing HP 9000 Superdome machine.
Bull’s particularly competitive solution demonstrated its power with Windows, Linux and Oracle. The openness of the solution – particularly its ability to operate in an open Linux environment – was a key factor for Taiwan Post. In addition, Bull’s solution ensures uninterrupted database operation, thanks to the cluster infrastructure.

"We were particularly impressed by Bull’s ability to deliver the project and to integrate this new solution with the existing architecture," said Lu Pin-Yu, Taiwan Post’s Director of the Department of Information Management.

The project was successfully delivered as the result of remarkably close co-operation between the Bull teams based in Taipei and France.

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