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July 2007

Optimizing corporate performance management

D Lamouche

Today, we are witnessing a fundamental revolution in business intelligence systems in the enterprise. On the one hand, these contribute to improved decision-making processes – both strategic and operational – and now involve every business inside the organization. On the other hand, they help businesses to anticipate the future, a major advantage in a world that is moving forward at an ever-increasing pace.

What’s more, the market sectors that are setting the pace in this area are also the most competitive: telecoms operators, banks, mass-market retailing, transport… as well as the various sectors associated with healthcare and social protection, where they are using such systems to personalize their dealings with the public and to combat fraud.
Nevertheless, one point is key: effectively sharing ‘knowledge capital’ within an organization is essential for coherent decision-making and corporate performance management. Also, integrating data sources and data processing is crucial to avoid the classic pitfall of individual business functions operating in ‘silos’. We must never lose sight of the fact that knowledge management is a major strategic challenge, and that it represents the sum total of the enterprise’s know-how. To fully optimize the value an organization gets from its knowledge capital, a single, unified Business Intelligence information system is the answer.
Today we are launching the third initiative in our 7i program, with the aim of facilitating decision-making through fully integrated Business Intelligence solutions. Our solutions – developed in partnership with other industry leading players – are based on the best practices and large-scale projects we have delivered in Europe and the Americas. In the USA, our customers include some of the largest States – California, Michigan, Illinois, New York, Minnesota and Utah – and in the framework of their Medicaid* programs, we now cover a quarter of the beneficiaries and one third of all the country’s expenditure.
To support your BI projects, Bull will combine its significant expertise in this area with its wealth of technical skills in infrastructures, which are virtually unique in Europe. This really gives us the edge when it comes to implementing unified Business Intelligence systems.

Didier Lamouche
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

*Medicaid is the USA’s health insurance program for individuals and families with low incomes and resources



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