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n°18  |  September   2007
At a glance
Social protection: the golden rules for successful personalization and consolidation projects in public services
Capitalizing on its international experience in Europe, the USA, Latin America, and North Africa, Bull is today issuing a new business white paper on “Social protection: personalization and performance”.

This white paper describes the challenges and best practices in relation to the consolidation and breaking down the barriers of IT infrastructures, the personalization of social services, and ongoing initiatives to combat fraud and abuses. Drawing on its experience as builder of production and business intelligence systems for major social protection players, Bull presents some golden rules for successfully managing these critical projects.

To illustrate key concerns and best practices, the white paper includes exclusive interviews with senior managers and IT directors from the largest social players in France, Spain and the USA, where Bull’s Business Intelligence» solutions handle one third of the total Medicaid budget program (110 billion dollars out of the 320 billion dollar allocation) benefiting some 15 million Americans out of a total of 60 million benefits claimants.

  • Dominique Libault, Director of Social Security, France
  • Dave McLaury, Vice Director of the Department of Public Health for Michigan, USA
  • Daniel Lefebvre, CIO for AGIRC-ARRCO and Pierre Chaperon, Director of AGIRC-ARRCO GIE, and Associate Director of ARRCO, France
  • Jean-Pierre Revoil, Managing Director of Unédic, France
  • Francisco Delgado Azuara, CIO of the Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social (INSS), Spain
  • Gérard Russeil, CIO of the French national family allowance service (CNAF), France

The white paper is a strategic guide, designed to help decision-makers from organizations involved in social protection to plan the future development of their information systems, which are so crucial to the success of business transformation programs aimed at meeting economic, social and societal challenges both now and in the future.

The white paper can be downloaded free of charge from

Polytech’Grenoble wins the first ever Bull Open World challenge

Being a new model for shared software development and a driver for technological innovation, Open Source is taking ever greater importance in the sphere of applications and information systems, and could represent 20% of the market by 2008. Open Source is also a great way for young talent to express itself.

In order to identify, encourage and support involvement in the Open Source movement by students at France’s top technical universities (Grandes Ecoles d’ingénieurs), at the end of 2006 Bull decided to instigate an innovative competition: the Open World challenge. The main objective of this competition is to provide an initiation for student engineers in shared ways of working on software development, including exchanges with experts from different Open Source communities, particularly OW2.

As Architect of an Open World, Bull sets out to support and encourage talented people. This competition fulfils our mission to set up a challenge involving students in a subject that is both innovative and delivers concrete results,” said Patrick Semtob, Bull VP Human Resources. “This is the first time we have run the competition, and it has also enabled us to identify potential candidates for jobs at our Services centers. The Group’s objective for 2007 is to recruit more than 1,000 staff, 400 of them in France. This first Open World challenge has been very successful. We are already preparing the second event of its kind, which will be promoted within the appropriate engineering universities in June 2008.”

For this first round of the Challenge, Bull opened the competition to students from six engineering/technical universities: Supélec, ENSEIRB, Polytech'Grenoble, EISTI, ECE and ESIEE*.

With the assistance of teaching staff, each team of four or five students embarked on a three-month project to come up with a solution for one of three topics:

  • Porting the administration console from the Open Source JOnAS application server to the Open Source eXo platform portal
  • Developing an infrastructure for generating workflow execution reports for the Bonita project
  • Enhancing a Bonita notification infrastructure for sending SMS events, instant messaging, mail and creating a task in Outlook.

This last subject was selected by both the teams in the final, from Polytech’Grenoble and Supélec, who presented their solutions to a jury made up of Open Source software entrepreneurs including Benjamin Mestrallet, founder of eXo and Bertrand Diard, director of Talend, as well as several of Bull’s own Open Source experts.
At the end of a neck-and-neck contest, Polytech’Grenoble was awarded the first prize of €5,000. The jury was so impressed by the investment and quality of Supélec’s work that they decided in the end to award an exceptional prize of €2,500 to Supélec.

Collaborative working and synergy between the worlds of education and business were at the heart of Polytech'Grenoble’s approach. I was delighted that our students were able to take part in this competition,” confirmed Philippe Morat, head of the multimedia communication and IT networks course at Polytech'Grenoble. “Collaborating with Bull has enabled them to experience a full-scale development project at first hand, and apply their theoretical training to a real business deliverable. This has been an innovative and motivational experience that has enriched them and supported their first steps into the Open Source community.

* ENSEIRB (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Electronique Informatique et Radiocommunications de Bordeaux)
EISTI (Ecole Internationale des Sciences du Traitement de l’Information)
ECE (Ecole Centrale d’Electronique)
ESIEE (École Supérieure d'Ingénieurs en Électronique et Électrotechnique).

Hosted solution specialist Soft2You refocuses on Microsoft

Agarik, a subsidiary of Bull, has announced that it is refocusing its own subsidiary Soft2You around Microsoft® hosted solutions. This strategy is designed to take advantage of Microsoft® application software, a range that is currently the fullest and most up-to-date in Application Service Provide (ASP) mode on the French market. Soft2You has launched its new Web site that fully reflects this development in the company’s business strategy.

logo Soft2you

Microsoft® expertise
In the space of just ten years, Soft2You has become an impressive player in the customized applications market. Its partnership with Microsoft® means it is now in a position to reaffirm its high-level expertise in Microsoft applications, and above all asserts Soft2You’s position as the only player in the French market to offer a leasing arrangement for latest versions of the following products: Exchange 2007, SharePoint WSS 2007 and CRM Dynamics 3.0.
Soft2You has also developed its own demonstration platform to test these solutions live over the Internet, on every conceivable kind of PDA (running Windows Mobile) or via Microsoft Outlook 2007. Subscribers enroll as platform users directly on-line, on the company’s new Web site:

Mobility and security
Always alert to new requirements from business users, Soft2You also offers flexible and powerful mobile computing and security solutions:

  • Mobile computing: Soft2You solutions for Blackberry® and Windows Mobile® terminals
  • IT security: Anti-virus and anti-spam solutions for SMTP servers and Exchange Hosted Services®


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