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n°18  |  September   2007

Achieving our objectives

D Lamouche

Rising revenues during the first half of 2007 have confirmed that the action plan Bull set in motion during 2006 were the right one. We have indeed seen the performance of our Products division improve, and our Services business has grown at twice the current rate of the market (+13.5%). Finally, we have seen 3.2% growth in our Maintenance activities: the first increase for two years.

I want to take this opportunity to highlight a few key points.

  • Major innovations in our infrastructure solutions, deliver better performance for lower energy consumption. Our NovaScale* and Escala server ranges have been overhauled and rank among the most powerful servers on the market.

  • Further successes in business-critical applications and complex infrastructures. Two examples: in the USA, following in the footsteps of the States of New York, Michigan and Illinois, California has now opted for our Business Intelligence solutions for its Medicaid program. In France, we have secured one of the largest infrastructure tenders ever issued, for Chorus, the nation’s new financial information system. And finally, we have strengthened our Services business with the acquisition of Siconet in Spain, and the creation in Morocco of an ‘offshore’ services center for major telecommunications and e-government projects.

  • Breakthrough in High-Performance Computing (HPC). Large companies including Alcan, as well as European research centers, among them the Universities of Düsseldorf and Reims, and the German D-Grid network, have chosen Bull’s HPC solutions. Moreover, our teams can be proud to have achieved an outstanding early delivery of France’s most powerful civil supercomputer to the CCRT**.

  • Consolidation of our advances in Open Source with several initiatives, including the launch of NovaForge, our open collaborative software development platform, and the alliance with major European, Brazilian and Chinese players under the auspices of the QualiPSo project.

So, our strategy of refocusing Bull towards a resolutely solutions-oriented business model continues, combining open technologies and services with high added value. The new initiative we will be announcing shortly, designed to help you improve the flexibility of your data centers, is absolutely in line with this. And further initiatives are set to follow.

Didier Lamouche
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

* NovaScale under Microsoft SQL Server: best price/performance ratio in the industry with the TPC-H benchmark.
** CCRT: the Center for Research and Technology Computing, which operates on behalf of the French Atomic Energy Authority (the CEA ), EDF, SNECMA, Techspace Aero and Turbomeca.

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