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n°18  |  September   2007
Business cases

• European Commission (EC)
• Barnsley (United Kingdom)

• Nottingham City Council (United Kingdom)
• University of Ghent (Belgium)

University of Ghent chooses a Bull NovaScale supercomputer to accelerate medical research

Within the framework of the medical imagery and signal processing research (MEDISIP), the group of the Professor I. Lemahieu, Doctor. S. Staelens and Doctor. S. Vandenberghe chooses a supercomputer Bull NovaScale.

Universiteit Gent

This supercomputer will be used for the simulation of medical scanners with the aim of optimizing the process of early cancer detection. They selected NovaScale NS421, equipped with the new generation of Intel quad core processors, and optimized for parallel calculations.

The NovaScale supercomputer has an excellent value for money/performance/consummation, which is ideal for large scale parallel clustering systems. This new success is proof again of Bull's expertise and know-how in High Performance Computing, and reinforces its position among the leaders of the market in the field of parallel systems.

MEDISIP is a research group of the department for Electronics and Information Systems of the Faculty of engineer Sciences at the University of Ghent, mainly focusing on the digital signals research and image processing for the medical sector.

Some examples:

  • The image rebuilding of PET (Positron Emissions Tomography) and SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) acquisitions
  • The modeling and simulations of the scanners PET and SPECT
  • Magnetic Resonance Imagery (MRI) and design of gradients sequences
  • Material of nervous tractography using diffusion tensor images
  • Treatment of the biomedical signals (ECG - ElectroCardioGram, EEG - ElectroEncephaloGram, ERP - Event-Related Potential)
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