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n°18  |  September   2007
Performance, powerful consolidation and virtualization capabilities with the new NovaScale server designed to simplify data center management

To respond to the latest demands for enterprise server consolidation and virtualization, to provide scalable performance, high-level data protection and simplified systems administration, Bull launched its NovaScale R480 E1 quad-core four-socket server featuring the new Intel® Xeon® 7300 series processor (codenamed Caneland). Available in rack format, the NovaScale R480 E1 server further strengthens the NovaScale Universal range, which extends from entry-level to full-scale enterprise servers.

Powerful consolidation and virtualization capabilities
Broad capacity combined with the ability to run simultaneous processes – thanks to the quad-core processors – provides a solid springboard for consolidation and virtualization.
When it comes to virtualization, the NovaScale R480 E1 server also provides a wide bandwidth with 16 independent and interconnected cores, and with up to ¼TB of scalable system memory, and 1.1TB of internal storage. Robust and scalable, the new NovaScale server helps boost datacenter efficiency, and enables the total cost of ownership to be reduced by facilitating consolidation. VMware virtualization solutions are certified on these new servers.

Simplified systems administration and optimum data protection
The servers are administered using NovaScale Master, the applications suite developed by Bull to facilitate server deployment and reduce the cost of administering IT infrastructures.
The NovaScale R480 E1 server combines reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAS) and ensures data integrity thanks to the following functions and elements: memory mirroring and sparing, hot pluggable PCI Express cards and SATA/SAS disks, redundant hot swappable power supplies and fans. The integrated RAID card, the I/O extension and remote systems administration leave PCI slots available, thus providing the headroom required for intensive I/O throughput.

Prices and availability
The price of a configuration with one E7310 processor, 2 GB memory, one 36 GB/10k/2.5’’ disk plus DVD is €6,110. Available end September 2007.

Open Source at the service of Bull customer support

Delivering on-line access to useful and accurate technical information about implementing and maintaining Bull’s product ranges, and providing a 24/7 technical communication channel between operational customer support teams on the one hand and Bull’s expert technical support staff on the other – these are the aims of the Bull On-line support service.

The new release of our on-line support service launched recently with the aim of improving ease of use, and notably featuring a more intuitive browsing facility and a more powerful search engine, is based on a 100% Open Source solution.

The mission proved by no means straightforward, posing a few interesting challenges for Bull’s project development teams as it involved migrating a particularly powerful proprietary documentary database, and at the same time restructuring and streamlining both presentation and navigation for a constellation of sites built over the years using diverse technologies.
Their final choice was for an open and innovative architecture built around a cluster of last generation Bull NovaScale ‘blade’ servers, and an Open Source solution based on APACHE, SuSE Linux and the Zope/Plone professional Content Management System.

The result is right on time. Since it was launched, the service has been attracting an increasing number of registration requests: while open to the public, a special entry point is reserved for customers benefiting from maintenance and support contracts. Navigation is easier and more intuitive thanks to a homogeneous information presentation grid, and the service offers a powerful search engine allied to a comprehensive on-line content index, and an advanced publishing and administration facility, making Bull on-line support a powerful tool for handling and retrieving technical information, as well as a highly efficient service for Bull customers.

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