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n°19  |  October   2007

Reconciling performance, flexibility and sustainable development

D Lamouche

Today we are launching our 4th initiative, focused around the up-coming generation of Data Centers. In the age of the digital economy, service continuity, data access speeds and IT security are absolute imperatives. At the same time, everyone has to be concerned about one of today’s most unavoidable concerns: environmental protection.

The way in which Data Center architecture has traditionally been conceived just does not take these factors into account. And the consequences – in terms of costs and the way in which they operate – risk being extremely serious in the years to come. So they will have to be modernized, even transformed in order to reduce their inherent complexity and become much more flexible, and free up all their potential performance while at the same time reducing their carbon footprint. This is the driving force behind out 4th initiative, which is devoted to the advent of the ‘Bio Data Center’.

As ‘Architect of an Open World’ and a good corporate citizen, today Bull is launching a range of tools and solutions designed to help rationalize IT infrastructures, optimize Data Center topology and simplify systems administration – including virtualized environments – with the aim of unlocking the flexibility and power demanded by users in the business. All these solutions – from IT architecture design to operational implementation, from consolidation to virtualization and systems administration – will contribute to significantly reduce power consumption, thermal dissipation and the overall carbon footprint of the Data Center.

As an IT services provider, we are already applying these principles ourselves, in our own hosting centers, in order to offer our customers more effective solutions in terms of flexibility, costs and service quality. Because hosting is also, and above all, the fastest route to take advantage of proven processes and in-depth expertise in new technologies, while maintaining control over costs.

With Bull, the age of the Bio Data Center begins today.

Didier Lamouche
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


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