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n°19  |  October   2007
Business cases

• Alcan (Canada)
• Alex Beleggersbank (Netherlands)

• State of Oklahoma (USA)

• Tesco (United Kingdom)
• Transdev (France)

The State of Oklahoma chose Bull for the IT infrastructure of their Unemployment Benefit applications
Their new IT infrastructure includes a NovaScale 9000 server and the StoreWay Virtuo solution

The State of Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC) has ordered a Bull NovaScale 9325 (Helios) system and a StoreWay Virtuo (Virtual Tape System) to run their Unemployment Benefit applications. In addition to the partition running GCOS 8 applications, the NovaScale 9325 also includes three open partitions: one to be used as a Database Server Processor (DBSP) and the other two for hosting future applications that will run under Linux and/or Windows 2003. With the new systems, OESC will be able to develop access to a relational database from their legacy applications, while reducing their recurring costs including maintenance.

OESC’s mission is to provide employment security and promote the economic well-being of the state of Oklahoma by: matching jobs and workers to increase the efficiency of local labor markets, referring workers to training opportunities to enhance and align their skills to meet local labor market needs, gathering, analyzing and disseminating information about the labor force to improve local economic decisions, and providing Unemployment Compensation to support unemployed workers and their communities. OESC governs the operation of local offices throughout the state that provide testing, counseling and placement services for job seekers; solicit job orders from employers; refer applicants to jobs; provide Computerized Job Banks for job information; and provide special services for veterans and disabled veterans, including job development, counseling and placement.

OESC’s GCOS 8 Applications are critical to maintaining a functional, statewide labor exchange to meet the needs of Oklahoma employers and residents. These applications are used to collect unemployment fees and pay out unemployment benefits.

With the new Bull systems, OESC is well positioned to meet their future labor and workforce management needs and to continue serving the residents and employers of the State of Oklahoma.

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