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n°19  |  October   2007
Business cases

• Alcan (Canada)
• Alex Beleggersbank (Netherlands)

• State of Oklahoma (USA)

• Tesco (United Kingdom)
• Transdev (France)

Transdev boosts its expertise as a travel operator with geolocation

Bull strengthens its position as a systems integrator in the world of mobile computing

International urban and inter-urban transport operator, the TRANSDEV Group, has chosen Bull to develop an operational management system combined with a travel information solution, built around geolocation technologies.

In the highly competitive passenger transport business, operational management systems are essential for raising passenger satisfaction and security levels, as well as for optimizing the use of existing transport infrastructures and managing equipment. Today these kinds of systems depend on new-generation communication platforms like the Internet, WAP and RDS.

Uploading of real-time information about changes to routes or timetables (for example if a bus is early, late or diverted on its route), is central to these applications, and enables the operator to react quickly to emergency situations and keep passengers informed. With this in mind, Transdev wanted to implement an operational solution, with the focus on functional and technical simplicity, and speed of deployment.

Bull is partnering TRANSDEV for the whole project, delivered in partnership with 2BSoftware (with its GeoConnect back-office application), MDI who supplied embedded GPS units and Lumiplan, who provided the passenger information kiosks.

  • The design of the solution, known as ‘Visiotrans’, is the result of a close collaboration combining TRANSDEV’s own travel industry expertise and Bull’s technological know-how. The solution includes implementation of a control interface to collect information (destination, speed, location…) in real time, enabling early and late arrival times to be calculated dynamically . Geolocation is particularly useful in this case, as it uses ‘light’ technologies in the form of on-board systems that are less costly for smaller towns and inter-urban transport authorities.
  • The technical platform consists of four Bull NovaScale servers running under Linux.
  • Bull was responsible for developing the solution, integrating all the project’s technological components (embedded hardware, back-office application and maps, telecoms links) and deployed the system across the vehicle fleets.
  • As the prime contractor, Bull is also hosting and operating the solution.
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