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n°20  |  November   2007
At a glance
Data Centers are sexy again. Webcast explains

Webcast Gartner- Bull

Watch this new Webcast “The Living Data Center: Creating a More Flexible Enterprise” and hear from Rakesh Kumar, Research Vice President, from Featured Analyst Firm, Gartner Inc. and Bruno Pinna, Marketing Director, Bull, as they discuss how you can reduce complexity, increase efficiency and lower costs through a more flexible data center. Additionally, our panel of experts will break down the challenges and best practices for establishing a more cost-effective, efficient, and flexible IT environment and help you determine how to find the right solution for your unique IT and business needs.

Bull and Kabira Expand Successful Global Strategic Alliance

logo Kabira

Bull proposes Kabira solutions on its NovaScale servers
Both companies to expand their commercial cooperation in Telecom and Finance markets worldwide.

Bull and Kabira Technologies Inc., a leader in high-performance transaction processing software, announced the signing of an expanded strategic alliance agreement to provide Kabira applications on Bull NovaScale® servers. The Telecom and Payments solutions from Kabira will benefit from the transaction- processing power from NovaScale servers. Moreover, the solutions will be proposed throughout Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, taking advantage from Bull’s world class sales, service and support teams

Kabira and Bull are expanding a successful teaming relationship which led the companies to win major Telecoms international accounts. Moreover, Bull established a competence center that provides dedicated resources to the training and the expertise of Bull’s technical and sales teams with Kabira products.
Under the new partnership agreement, Kabira and Bull plan to develop and implement joint marketing events to generate new revenue opportunities. In particular, Kabira and Bull are jointly exhibiting at the 3G AfricaCom conference and exhibition, the leading Pan-African event for mobile, broadband and satellite communications taking place November 21-22, 2007 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our key challenge as an industry innovator is to integrate and anticipate the requirements of the Telecom market. Bull solutions based on Kabira applications provide a quick integration of new services, shorten time to revenue and reduce the operators' costs,” said Jean-François Leprince-Ringuet, General Manager Telecommunications & Media at Bull. “This partnership is meant to boost Bull’s strong business dynamic within emerging markets while drawing on Bull’s worldwide presence.”

Bull has been a valued Kabira partner for many years,” said Chris Clabaugh, Vice President of Business Development at Kabira. “We have deployed innovative solutions in both smaller organizations as well as large enterprises handling millions of subscribers. By bundling Kabira software products with highly reliable Bull NovaScale platforms, we believe that Bull’s customers benefit from the crucial advantages of rapid implementations, rock-solid operations and superior support from both organizations.

Actor in electronic signatures, Bull will host the TC ESI from ETSI in Paris

Bull will host on November 6 and 7, 2007, the 18th meeting of the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standardization Institute) Technical Committee which produces Technical Specifications and Technical Reports for the application of the European Directive 1999/93/CE on a community framework for electronic signatures. This committee was responsible for defining the formats of Advanced Electronic Signatures for obtaining non repudiable electronic signatures, whatever the circumstances.

The committee, called TC ESI for "Technical Committee on Electronic Signatures & Infrastructures" meets three times a year, twice on invitation of the European participants to the committee, and once in the head quarters of ETSI at Sophia Antipolis. It benefits from special membership conditions: it is opened to ETSI members, but also, free of charge, to non members after agreement by the committee chairman. About twenty participants attend every meeting.

The representative of Bull in this group is Denis Pinkas. He was a co-editor of numerous documents; in particular those defining the formats of advanced electronic signatures known under the acronyms CAdES et XAdES.

The committee continues to maintain the documents, and currently extends the use of electronic signatures, so as to include proofs of deposit and proofs of reception of electronic messages.

Technology trends observatory: Understanding, challenging, deciding

In partnership with Synthèse informatique and 01 Informatique, Bull Training has just announced a series of synthetic seminars.

With the advent of Open Source, Web 2.0, virtualization, the mind-boggling acceleration in processing power and the flourishing of collaborative communities, the earth beneath the foundations of the temple of IT is really starting to move. The sea of possibilities has never been so wide. IT is moving towards to total convergence: telephony, nanotechnologies, combustible energy, 4G protocols, virtualized clients, ToIP... In short, new ways of using IT and new services are emerging: and hitting the ground running. And what’s more, they hold the key to unimaginable financial, business and human possibilities.

So the creation of a new Technology trends observatory is becoming a necessity. What was, until recently, pure fantasy is now sitting on our desktops, on the top of the pile. Technologies are moving at the speed of light, and defying our ideas of what is certain: TCO, security, mobility… These issues are central to the bids we put in to customers and at the heart of the concerns we hear from IT Directors and other senior executives.

How can we maintain a clear vision, avoid the pitfalls of technological ‘one-upmanship’, and ensure we do not fall headlong in the wake of ill-judged decisions? Who can we trust? Many of you are coming to us with these kinds of questions. It is essential that we build a safe and accessible bridge between the dash for technological progress and your day-to-day business needs. So we’re going to the front line: meeting up with the best and observing them, quizzing them and gaining a better understanding of them on your behalf. The next step is to structure and automate this approach to consultation and global partnership – so this high-level observatory will be working in partnership with international consultants, industry experts, and of course that formidable and objective source of information: 01 Informatique, France’s leading IT specialist news magazine.

Bruno Falempin
Director, Bull Training

Code Title
12096 WORKSTATION 2008

Select your seminar and register at the CONSULTING CENTER on +33 (0)825 305 825.

Andrew Asher Joins Bull Services to Lead Program Integrity Practice

Former head of State of Illinois Medicaid Fraud Science Team, Andrew Asher, a nationally recognized expert in Medicaid/Health & Human Services (HHS) fraud and abuse detection and enforcement, has joined Bull Services1, the leading Business Intelligence company in the Medicaid/HHS space, to head the company’s growing Program Integrity practice.

Asher brings to Bull Services a wealth of experience in developing leading-edge, actionable strategies for the detection and prevention of Medicaid and HHS fraud, as well as developing programs for recoveries. He has nearly 20 years of professional experience in developing innovative analytical solutions in HHS, with the last 12 years focused on developing best practices in Medicaid program integrity.

On the Human Services side of HHS, Asher has provided thought leadership on welfare eligibility fraud issues and developed welfare eligibility fraud predictive models to improve targeting efforts; examined trends in the food stamp program and contributed to the development of a sophisticated simulation model used to assess the impact of policy changes on program outcomes; and helped launch Illinois’ Long Term Care Asset Discovery Initiative, which as served as a national model for uncovering recipient eligibility fraud.

In addition, Asher has led the development of a broad range of data- and policy-driven anti-fraud innovations:

  • He has developed and directed the development of numerous highly scalable fraud detection algorithms, data mining and statistical modeling efforts, computerized desk and self audits, and administrative reviews that are optimized to maximize recoveries and terminations while minimizing field resource requirements.
  • His data analyses have critically aided law enforcement in the development of proactive reviews and leads, as well as identified key vulnerabilities and prevention strategies for program management.
  • He led the development of research-based policy reviews that have resulted in policy and legislative changes that have reduced Illinois’ exposure to fraud and overpayments.

An expert who understands the link between programmatic and integrity considerations, Asher has developed innovative, advanced analytical solutions to examine a wide range of health policy questions, including: sophisticated resource allocation models for the delivery of health and human services; predictive models of infant mortality; and analyses of drug expenditures.

1 The healthcare management and fraud prevention programs managed by Bull in the USA address 25% of US Medicaid recipients, accounting for over a third of national Medicaid expenditures . Bull Business Intelligence solutions set up under the Medicaid/Health and Human Services programs have already brought financial benefits in excess of $2.5 billion.

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