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n°20  |  November   2007
Business cases

• EDF (France)
• Tokheim (France)

• Nancy's Hospital (France)
• SOTRA (Ivory Coast)

EDF GDMI renewed its confidence in Bull for maintaining critical nuclear power plant management applications
Bull to ensure third-party application maintenance on OPX2-based application

The challenges faced every day by Electricité de France (EDF) related to the availability of its nuclear reactors mean that it has stringent demands in terms of the availability (7x24) of its OPX21 tools used for maintenance planning applications (OPX DPN), plant segment shut-down management (IAT), the establishment and monitoring of budgets for major development programs in the various departments of its Nuclear Engineering Division (OGOPA), and reactor dismantling planning (OMEGA²).

Against this backdrop, EDF’s IT maintenance and development group has once again entrusted Bull with corrective and developmental maintenance for these highly sensitive applications, with the aim of:

  • Moving to an SLA (Service Level Agreement) based on genuine commitment to results and service quality
  • Creating a single competence point, so incidents can be identified more readily, and real functional and technical support can be delivered to users
  • Providing version development under conditions of maximum security and availability.

The aim of this service is also to capitalize on experience, and to map out possible avenues for improvement, thanks to the knowledge gained from experience and the good practices identified along the way. The challenge is huge, and has a direct impact on responsiveness, timescales, and costs. Maintaining applications from the same software publisher also makes it easier to ensure long-term establishment of best practices. This is enhanced by the close proximity of Bull’s teams, which in turn guarantees a high level of responsiveness in the event of an incident, the sharing of essential know-how (with certain tools needing to be up and running in less than four hours!) and an accelerated learning curve on the part of incoming staff facing the challenge of getting to know a complex application environment with different software versions, different operating systems, thick/thin client operating modes...).

After three years’ collaboration with Bull, this third-party application maintenance contract has just been renewed for a further year.

As Richard Lefebvre, Head of the operational applications Pilot Project known as EDF-DPI-DITEN-GDMI commented: “Our main objectives are focused on on-going improvement of services and organization, a proactive approach to incident-handling, building user confidence, a shared vision of service, and the continuing development of our product ranges. We have greatly enjoyed working together in the framework of this dynamic collaboration.”

Bull’s OPX2 service center

To support enterprises that have chosen the OPX2 project management tool, Bull has created a dedicated service center currently staffed by a team of fifteen OPX2 consultants and experts. In partnership with Planisware, the publisher of OPX2, Bull has designed a comprehensive offering ranging from audit, to management of updates and operational optimization, including:

  • Audits (utilization, operation, security, performance)
  • Analysis, implementation and deployment of solutions built around OPX2
  • Technical and functional studies and expertise
  • Functional and technical tuning
  • Prototyping and modeling
  • Development, versioning, migration projects
  • Definition and installation of procedures and indicators
  • Curative, scalable, preventive, adaptive third-party application maintenance on the customer’s site or in share mode via the service center
  • 24x7 help desk
  • Operational running and hosting of platforms
  • Training and change management support.

1 OPX2 published by Planisware, is the European leader in project management and business activity management tools. The OPX2 model is based on the concept of consolidation of a "project portfolio" on the scale of the individual enterprise, standalone or in complement to the ERP applications to which OPX2 brings a dimension of anticipation, simulation and decision support.

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