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n°20  |  November   2007
Bull simplifies performance management for virtualized infrastructures

Bull launches ‘Bull Performance Report’ designed to:

  • Help rationalize virtual environments and deliver better service quality of systems and applications
  • Enhance flexibility and enable better management of diversity in IT infrastructures

Bull has launched Bull Performance Report (BPR), a comprehensive suite of software dedicated to performance reporting and decision support, with the aim of simplifying the administration of new-generation virtualized environments. By providing performance reporting suitable for every profile of user, and the full range of technical and IT management teams, Bull Performance Report ensures enterprises benefit fully from all that these new virtualized environments have to offer.

As Bull Performance Report operates within all types of virtualized environment – including the Bull Escala environment – its aims are totally in line with those of the Group’s fourth initiative: to help the enterprise achieve greater flexibility and control over diversity in IT infrastructures.

Optimization and pro-active management of IT resources
Bull Performance Report provides everything that is needed to optimize and allocate IT resources. In addition, it features all the necessary functions for pro-active resource management: essential when it comes to anticipating problems and planning future needs.

Two versions of Bull Performance Report are available:

  • Bull Performance Report Enterprise Edition* provides a global, integrated and analytical view of distributed and heterogeneous environments, including virtualized environments such as those available on Bull Escala servers. Bull Performance Report Enterprise Edition is the outcome of a partnership with Systar, the world’s leading supplier of Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) solutions
  • Bull Performance Report Server Edition provides Bull Escala system administrators with the information they need to optimize their virtualized servers, notably by providing detailed reports about processor resources, both at the level of the pool of shared processors, and for processors within each individual partition.

Availability and prices
Bull Performance Report Enterprise Edition* is available immediately. The license fee is dependent on the type of servers with which it is to be used: ranging from €3,600 for an entry-level Escala server to €24,000 for a high-end server. All configurations include GQR (Global Quality Reporting) and VSR (Virtualized Server Reporting) reporting, which optimize operating quality and virtualized server capacity management respectively, as well as the supercollector or a series of collectors (as appropriate to the server type). Other types of reporting can be supplied on request.

Also available immediately, Bull Performance Report Server Edition is supplied as standard on Escala servers. It will be available for NovaScale servers early 2008.

* Powered by Systar

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