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n°20  |  November   2007
Business cases

• EDF (France)
• Tokheim (France)

• Nancy's Hospital (France)
• SOTRA (Ivory Coast)

Abidjan chooses Bull to implement its urban transport management solution


SOTRA is responsible for managing public transport services for the city of Abidjan (in the Ivory Coast) to the highest possible standards of comfort, security and reliability. As part of a global objective to reduce passenger waiting times while tickets are issued, increase the number of fare-paying passengers and reduce fraud, SOTRA wanted to introduce a reliable ticket-issuing system on buses and at mobile kiosks. The computerized system also had to make it possible to assess profitability for individual bus routes.

The project involved implementing a bus scheduling application (including a mapped representation of the transport network) and shift management solution for crew.
Bull was selected to provide the global solution based on the ticket issuing solution from ASC (formerly ASCOM), installed on board vehicles or at local ticketing terminals, and Heurès urban transport solution, which notably features a visual representation of the route network along with schedule management functionalities. The deployment, operational implementation, user training and maintenance will be managed by Bull Ivory Coast and by the Bull engineering center based in France). The value of the contract is €2.7 million.

1 SOTRA: Société des Transports Abidjanais

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