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n°21  |  December   2007
Business cases
• Algérie Poste (Algeria)
• Federal universities (Brazil)
• State of Maine (USA)
• Telecom Malagasy (Madagascar)
• CETE Méditerranée (France)

Bull to provide third-party application maintenance for CETE Méditerranée
Future development projects will be handled by Bull’s Services Center at Marseille

The French Ministry for Ecology, Development and Sustainable Development (MEDAD) is highly decentralized, and a substantial proportion of its IT is destined to be used by external services. The CETE Méditerranée manages a number of national applications acting as project manager.

CETE Méditerranée is heavily committed to new technologies, and has chosen to develop its applications using Open Source, Web and n-tier technologies. Against this background, CETE Méditerranée has chosen Bull to handle all its third-party application maintenance – including corrective and regulatory changes, as well as upgrades.

The third-party application maintenance activities will be managed by Bull’s Services Center at Marseille, using the NovaForgeTM software development platform. The applications involved break down into three main technical areas:

  • Web n-tier systems: KHEFREN (a standard management method for computerization projects), the ACAI application (technological framework) and a GIS (Geographic Information System) component in the form of the MapInfo solution
  • Client-server systems using PowerBuilder
  • Infocenter systems using Business Objects.

The collaborative framework established provides a simple and effective structure designed to make it easier for teams to share information and use their complementary skills to work together.

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