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n°21  |  December   2007

Bull solutions help democratize access to High-Performance Computing technologies

D Lamouche

With the contract to supply two supercomputers to prestigious universities in Brazil, Bull has now established an extremely strong foothold in South America and further strengthened its position as an international leader in intensive computing. These latest success stories highlight the growing recognition that Bull is enjoying in this area.
Our expertise in hardware and software technologies has enabled Bull to deliver spectacular results: including the world’s most sophisticated simulation of the formation of the structures of the Universe and a record-breaking performance for performing an image search in a very large database. With the implementation of one of the most powerful HPC complexes in Europe, Bull is now an undisputed major player in the world of intensive computing.

Despite all this – the world rankings, the records broken... – even though they say a lot about us as a business, they are not really the main issue for us. For Bull, the real challenge when it comes to HPC is DEMOCRATIZATION... extending access so that medium-sized businesses and research centers can afford it. Ensuring that computer simulation is no longer the exclusive preserve of a select few, but is available to all who need it to help them open up new markets, develop innovative products and services, speed up their research and push back the boundaries of knowledge. IT innovation should be the driver for innovation in business. Because in industry, finance, bio-sciences... being able to produce rapid results from complex mathematical models represents a considerable competitive advantage in today’s markets.

With the latest technological advances, and the corresponding fall in costs, HPC is no longer out of reach. And Bull is investing, to enable us to support all kinds of businesses in their move towards intensive computing. Our recent acquisition of Serviware – France’s leading integrator of HPC solutions – has significantly increased our power, particularly in industry. As both a manufacturer and a systems integrator, Bull has a unique expertise in Europe: our aim is to maintain this at the highest possible level, and to ensure that you continue to benefit from it.

Didier Lamouche
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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