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n°21  |  December   2007
Bull reinforces initiative for Data Centre efficiency
  • Introduces new POWER6-based Escala blade servers and infrastructure to combine x86 and POWER blades
  • Introduces AIX 6, the new version of AIX, across the whole Escala range

As part of its initiative to increase the efficiency of Data Center infrastructures, and to create a new class of optimized, energy-conscious Data Centers (defined by Bull as 'Bio Data Centers') Bull is today launching a new, flexible dimension to its Escala® Blade servers range, and announcing the availability of the latest version of the AIX® operating system, AIX 6.
Bull is also announcing the capability of mixing server blade using x86 and POWER™ technologies in the same blade chassis, further enhancing the overall flexibility of the Data Center and helping its customers to better manage heterogeneity.

Advanced virtualization features thanks to AIX 6
Customers should expect to significantly lower their costs of operations with AIX 6. This new version of AIX provides new exciting virtualization capabilities, such as Workload Partitions (WPARs). WPARs enable advanced features such as 'cross-node' application mobility which brings a great deal of additional flexibility to AIX users.
However, the most striking advantage is the potential reduction in administration costs and complexity. Customers who have to manage dozens or even hundreds of AIX images will have to spend significantly less time on repetitive tasks such as release maintenance, backup and deployment. Additionally, the restore of WPARs provides a cloning mechanism, thus offering a very simple installation process of complete application environments.

Greater flexibility with Escala EL460B Blades
Today Bull announced the addition of the POWER6 Blade server, EL460B, to its Escala Product line. Bull decided to provide this offer for several reasons: Blade server technology is finally maturing to the point that early issues regarding power and cooling are being successfully addressed and Blade servers now present a realistic and power-saving alternative to server farms of 1U servers.
"Thanks to Escala EL460B coupled with Bull ARF, a competitive high availability solution, Bull Performance Report to optimize the management of virtualized architectures, and its dedicated services, Bull now has an extremely credible, affordable ecosystem for small to medium businesses and organizations with strong budget constraints, such as local governments, hospitals and universities " said Michel Bracquemond, Bull's Escala Business Unit Director.

A unified platform for Bull Blades ecosystem
Today Bull is also announcing the introduction of the Bull Blade Chassis, a 9U high-performance blade chassis that provides the shared resources required to take advantage of Escala EL460B. It fits into the standard Escala and NovaScale® racks and can hold up to 14 Blade servers, which can be Escala EL460Bs and/or NovaScale Blade servers.
"This announcement will allow help our customers to achieve rationalization of their IT infrastructure by mixing AIX, Linux and Windows applications in one single chassis" said Olivier Gaumont, Director of the NovaScale Business Unit. "Thanks to this announcement, our customers can move one step further in the management of heterogeneous Data Centers, a key requirement for many real-life situations."

Bull as a member of
Bull has recently joined, a collaborative industry consortium with nearly 100 member companies. These members work together to fulfill the objectives of creating broader market awareness for Blade computing solutions and services and of addressing market issues surrounding Blades such as energy consumption and cooling. The organization, with members such as Bull, Brocade, EMC, Emulex, IBM, Intel, NetApp et Red Hat to name a few, aims to provide leadership to the blade market and fosters a thriving industry ecosystem focused on delivering valuable solutions to blade computing customers.

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