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n°23  |  February   2008
Bull launches the fifth initiative in its 7i program: “Managing knowledge capital”

At a time when vital strategic data is being lost by a growing number of companies and public sector bodies, Bull provides an effective response to protecting critical information.

Bull is today launching the fifth initiative in its 7i program, aimed at “Managing knowledge capital”. The aim is to help businesses of all kinds protect and manage their information more effectively. The proliferation of critical data means companies and public sector organizations are faced with ever greater difficulties and challenges, resulting in major impacts on their business activities. Recent events in the UK and USA – with important data being lost – highlight the need to rapidly adapt business processes, as well as infrastructures for managing and storing data.

Against this backdrop, Bull has unveiled a comprehensive set of solutions to help businesses protect their data and manage it more easily.

Businesses today are faced with exponential growth in the data they need to manage; with images and videos, emails and recorded phone messages accounting for an ever growing proportion of the exchanges between computer systems,” confirmed Benoît Hallez, Director of Bull’s StoreWay storage solutions Business Unit. “What’s more, the need to preserve data over long periods of time – often for regulatory reasons – poses significant problems for IT Departments under significant pressure to control costs.”

Research carried out by IDC on behalf of Bull highlights the profound changes happening in the field of data storage and protection. In particular, the study underlines the 60% average annual increase in the amount of data organizations have to manage. This is reflected in a predicted annual growth rate of 5.3% for data recovery, 12.7% for data replication and 18.6% for archiving between now and 2011.

Taking up this challenge, Bull is announcing a number of extensions to its current storage solutions integration service, particularly focusing on data protection:

  • An enhanced storage services and solutions offering, from architecture to outsourcing
  • An innovative approach to working with customers
  • Ground-breaking data protection offerings.

StoreWay: an even stronger combination of storage solutions and services

From data architecture to outsourced back-up and archiving, Bull has developed flexible and secure storage solutions so IT Departments need no longer live in fear for their data
In order to design and implement its successful data storage solutions, Bull draws on its extensive experience in information systems and in-depth understanding of complex IT infrastructures combining mainframes and open systems. Using a powerful combination of its own technologies and those of its industry leaders, Bull offers real business value solutions.
As part of its fifth initiative, Bull is today announcing that it has further enhanced its StoreWay services offering, which benefits from the StoreWay Excellence Center (SEC), a center of expertise that is unique in Europe. Working in close collaboration with Bull labs and those of its partners, SEC offers a unique range of expertise in Europe covering the design, implementation and management of the most critical data infrastructures. Different levels of protection for data may be put in place: at a local level, to ensure operational continuity in the event of a minor incident; at a central level, in case a more significant disaster strikes; and finally, archiving systems to ensure long-term access to data

An innovative approach to working with customers
Bull is also announcing today that is it has further strengthened its feasibility study and change management services. An initial, in-depth study of requirements and business processes will enable Bull to help each customer organization define its precise objectives when it comes to protecting its data, as well as the processes and resources needed to achieve those objectives. Working closely with its R&D and Support teams, those of its partners, and the experts in its Storage Excellence Center, Bull StoreWay advises its customers in the most appropriate ways to define and implement Disaster Recovery Plans, including outsourcing.
In order to reduce costs and relieve businesses of tasks that can prove extremely arduous, Bull’s outsourcing centers are perfectly equipped to manage data back-up and archiving as part of an overall approach to delivering operational continuity. Many public and private sector organizations already entrust the management of their business-critical data, taking full advantage of Bull’s services and the facilities offered at its highly secure outsourcing sites.

Innovative solutions to improve flexibility and security
Finally, Bull is now offering a number of innovative data protection solutions designed to improve flexibility and security, by enabling its customers to move away from a ”silo-based”* approach, towards a cohesive way of protecting and administering enterprise data.
A key point when it well-known that a significant proportion of critical data has little or even no protection.

StoreWay Calypso: a flexible approach to managing data
Designed mainly for large organizations, StoreWay Calypso is a modular and integrated software suite that simplifies data protection, archiving, replication and search operations.
The Luxembourg-based financial services company Saltgate is among the most recent customers to adopt StoreWay Calypso.

StoreWay DPA: a turnkey solution to protect the data of business without their own dedicated data storage resources. StoreWay Data Protection Appliance (DPA) is a ‘black box’ combining software and data storage disks. StoreWay Data Protection Appliance is designed to help SMEs or departments within larger organizations that have limited IT resources, to back-up and archive their data.

StoreWay Virtuo: a virtualization solution for data libraries overcoming the complexity inherent in heterogeneous IT architectures.
By sharing all available resources, StoreWay Virtuo considerably reduces costs: because systems administration is simplified, the systems used take up less space in the Data Center, and use of storage hardware is optimized. In addition, StoreWay Virtuo speeds up back-up and data recovery times. Major customers including GSIT – the French inter-bank clearing consortium – the State of Maine in the USA, and insurance company Swiss Life have implemented StoreWay Virtuo.

The launch of this initiative is being accompanied by the publication of a white paper issued in partnership with IDC which describes the changes we are helping to bring about in data recovery and archiving. Capitalizing on its experience gained while delivering numerous projects worldwide, Bull identifies the 7 golden rules for optimum data protection:

1. Segmenting all data, and defining appropriate levels of protection for each type
2. Reducing the amount of data that needs to be protected, using hierarchical data storage systems
3. Reducing the cost and timescales involved in data recovery, using virtual data libraries
4. Reducing the cost and timescales involved in data recovery, by taking regular and accurate ‘snapshots’ of the state of your data
5. Reducing risks using low-cost and easy-to-implement disaster recovery solutions
6. Expanding the scope of data protection to encompass file protection
7. Control the amount of primary and secondary data, using data matching

Download the IDC /Bull white paper

Bull is also announcing the launch of a pan-European research study, in collaboration with IDC, on best practices in data storage. The results of this research will be revealed to delegates attending Bull’s European Storage Roadshow (again run in conjunction with IDC) which will visit Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Madrid and Paris during the course of March and April 2008.

* Where every operation, every business entity and in some cases every business process depends on specific solutions and storage media to manage its data: making the whole system extremely complex, costly to manage and hard to adapt when there are changes in the organization’s business activities.


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