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n°23  |  February   2008
Guest contributors
“Managing today and preparing tomorrow: information lifecycle management from Sonepar Germany.”

Four questions for Jürgen Bartling, Managing Director of Sonepar Deutschland Information Services

Sonepar Germany takes a long-term approach to information lifecycle management, to meet present-day challenges (such as cost control, expanding data volumes and new regulatory requirements) while building the potential to tackle future developments.


What are the challenges addressed by Sonepar Germany’s ILM (information lifecycle management) strategy?
For a major wholesaler like Sonepar Germany, data storage is an increasingly complex issue. We have to handle constantly increasing data storage volumes while controlling costs and providing users with quality service, consistent with their needs for rapid sales response capacity.

What type of solution did you opt for?
We went for a three-tier storage system, which brings decisive advantages such as optimized infrastructure, redundancy-free operation, high data availability, automated implementation of regulatory directives, and scalable expansion capabilities.

Is your system producing tangible results?
To give just one example, when an email is sent to 10 different people, it’s stored once only. The third tier brings a 70% reduction in email database storage space and an 85% reduction in file server storage, with no user-side impact. And daily backup procedures are significantly shortened.

What is the key prerequisite for successful ILM?
Information lifecycle management is not a simple matter of which products to use. An ILM strategy involves many interacting projects. Key prerequisites are a good initial design, efficient in-house teams, and competent, conscientious partners such as Bull, capable of identifying the best available technologies and integrating them to form coherent, scalable, global solutions.

Sonepar Germany is a subsidiary of the Sonepar group,
Europe’s leading electrical equipment wholesaler.
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