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n°24  |  March   2008
OpenExpo - Bern, Switzerland – 12-13 March

Implementing a Service-Oriented Architecture infrastructure: solutions, learning points and best practices

Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs) and Business Process Management (BPM) are at the heart of tomorrow’s great challenges. Bull, as a major IT player in several large Open Source communities, and one of Europe’s leading systems integrators, will be presenting a wide range of the Open Source solutions that respond most effectively to these issues.

Conferences being planned include:

  • Jean-Eric Minier, Director of Bull Switzerland: Deploying a Service-Oriented Architecture: Open Source solutions and best practices

  • Goulven Lejeune, SOA architect, Bull: Open Source at the heart of Business Process Management technologies (BPM and workflow): the range of available solutions

  • Goulven Lejeune, SOA architect, Bull: Accelerating business application developments with NovaForge, the Bull’s open software development factory

  • Benjamin Mestralet, CEO eXo Platform: A new generation Open Source platform for portals, content management (ECM) and collaborative working: eXo 2.0

During the afternoon of 12 March, visitors will also have an opportunity for discussion with Jean-Pierre Laisné, President of OW2, the leading international Open Source middleware consortium, and director of QualiPSo, the main Open Source project supported by the European Commission.

The exhibition will close with an award to the winner of Bull’s OpenExpo 2008 competition

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Optimizing your Oracle Database Infrastructure with DataScale - April 16 - Ljubljana, Slovenia

Discover how you can regain control of your infrastructure

It is no secret that having your data spread across several database servers dramatically increases the cost of storing and administering your data, but more importantly it also restricts flexibility and limits cost effective high availability.

With DataScale from Bull, your move towards a consolidated database will benefit from Bull's expertise; offering a pre-validated, end-to-end, ready to deploy and cost effective database infrastructure solution to improve your IT systems efficiency, increase your availability and enhance your return on investment.

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Program (information in Slovenian) >>

WebOS and future Web applications - Paris, 18 April

To mark the launch of the collaborative portal software suite eXo enterprise WebOS, eXo and Bull are jointly organizing a seminar focused on WebOS technologies and the future of Web applications. Case studies from French television channel M6 and the Belgian Ministry of Finance will showcase WebOS technology at work, with the involvement of Bull, a contributor to eXo technology and systems integrator for the Belgian Ministry. The seminar will conclude with an exceptional panel discussion on ‘Web applications of the future’, with the Mozilla Foundation, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and Google all taking part.

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More information >>

2nd European Identity Conference - April 22-25, Munich, Germany

For hundreds of Identity Management professionals, the European Identity Conference provides an unbiased source of new insights and ideas on a broad scale. They can attend business-oriented briefings, hands-on like workshop sessions, and a great number of best practices presentations from real world deployments. With its community-like social networking and knowledge sharing opportunities, the European Identity Conference has become an annual must-attend event.

Evidian will be showing its identity and access management solutions, together with its partners Microsoft and Omada.

More information >>
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Overheid ICT - Utrecht, April 22-24

Bull presents Midoffice solution

22-24 April are important dates for the Dutch central and local governments: during a 3-day trade show, all ICT vendors and integrators will be present to show their solutions.

Over the past years, Bull Nederland N.V. has acquired an important position in the local government market. Bull is one of the most important suppliers of so-called Midoffice infrastructures, which are the driving technology behind the modernization of many administrative procedures, including requests for documents like passports and driver’s licenses, but also building permits and complaints. These services are linked to many different proprietary applications. On average, a small municipality hosts 40 to 50 various applications, each with their own interface, and usually focused on internal use.

Using the power of Open Source
In order to liberate IT organizations from the dependency of these proprietary systems, Bull has designed a open architecture that allows systems to interoperate, exchange data, and deliver high-class service to the end users of local governments: every Dutch citizen.

Bull’s solution makes it possible to make these applications available through an independent layer, based on Open Source technology and server virtualisation. Local governments can achieve unparalleled availability of their most critical services thanks to the blueprint Bull has worked out.

More than 3,000 visitors are expected to visit this yearly trade show. Apart from the Midoffice architecture, Bull Nederland N.V. will also present its new solutions for High Availability and integrated data protection.

More about Overheid & ICT >>

JavaOne - 6-8 may 2008, San Francisco

With OW2 consortium, Bull will participate to JavaOne and demonstrate its Open Source middleware contributions and solutions, notably its solutions for Business Process Management and workflow Orchestra and Bonita, the JOnAS application server and the EasyBeans EJB container. Bull will also present its latest join developments with JBoss Red Hat and OW2, notably the "Process Virtual Machine", a revolutionarytechnology for BPM, that will be announced at this event.

More information on Bull Open Source contributions >>
More information on JavaOne >>

LinuxDays 2008 - Geneva - 21 & 22 May

With its commitment to Open Source and involvement in the international OW2 consortium, as well as various other European projects, Bull is the European integrator of choice for deploying Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) in situations where business process management systems (BPMS) are ideally suited to the task of automating both business processes and technical operations, providing new architectural models for customers seeking economic and organizational efficiency.

Bull will be present at the LinuxDays in Geneva in the OW2 village, and will be taking part in the following seminars:

Wednesday 21 May

  • 12:00pm , room B : Bull NovaForge™, the collaborative tool for software development by Emmanuel Rias

  • 15:00, room B : INRIA A collaborative environment for a competitive approach to innovation , by Luc Laurens

  • 16:00, room B : eXo Platform Virtualizing the workstation via the Web – it can be done! by Benjamin Mestrallet

Thursday 22 May

  • 12:00pm, room E: Bull eXo Web OS and Bonita Workflow: managing agile content , by Rodrigue Le Gall

  • 14:00pm, room E : Bull JOnAS 5 the new-generation applications server , by François Exertier

  • 14:00pm, room C: OW2 A business ecosystem using Open Source: the experience of the OW2 consortium , by Cédric Thomas

  • 15:00pm, room E: FT Orange Clif & Salomé-tmf: Open Source tools, extendable via plug-ins, for controlling the qualification of software systems , by Thomas Escalle

  • 16:00pm, room B : Bull NovaBonita & NovaOrchestra: New-generation Open Source for Business Process Management (BPM), by Pierre Vigneras

Bull’s Open Source offerings >>
More about LinuxDays 2008 >>

IAM 2008 - Madrid, May 21-22

Evidian will be present at the 2nd annual Identity and Access Management (IAM 2008) meeting in Madrid, organized by IIR España. This event is a major meeting point of Spanish IAM professionals. Information security managers will meet with solution and service providers and discuss the real-life implementation of single sign-on, identity federation and user provisioning. The practical, organizational aspects of IAM projects are a major theme of this conference.

For more information >>

Bull takes part in the 2nd European Health Information Technologies congress - Paris, 27-30 May

The HIT 2008 Congress – which takes place from 27-30 May at Paris/Expo Porte de Versailles Hall 1 – is an essential business forum for healthcare professionals, users and companies involved in building high-quality, consistent healthcare information systems.

Bull is heavily involved in this event, and will use the HIT exhibition to present its full range of solutions dedicated to the health sector and the main projects in the French government’s 2012 Hospital Plan initiative, including implementation of:

  • The single electronic patient record system – along with its partner, Medasys, publisher of the DxCare® clinical software

  • Comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for medical/financial control

  • Security solutions, against the backdrop of the government’s Confidentiality Decree.

  • Bull is capitalizing in particular on the excellent coverage of its regional network in France – which is already well established in the hospital sector – as well as on its Services Centers, to offer a complete value chain of services and products. These include making available the requisite technical architecture, consultancy, implementation services, scoping, systems integration, hosting, and change management support.
    You’re welcome to come and meet our experts and partners on the Bull stand.

    More about HIT Expo >>

IDC Conference
Green IT: the IT Department at the heart of energy management performance - Paris, May 29

Ensuring that business activities take environmental concerns into account is much more than just a passing trend. It’s more than just an ethical issue: keeping an organization’s carbon footprint under control is becoming an urgent necessity, particularly given current and forthcoming regulatory constraints and, above all, inexorably rising energy costs.

And this affects the IT sector at least as much as any other. We enter the age where businesses are measured by the tons of CO2 they generate, and it is still true that IT hardware is consuming more and more electricity. The growing number of Data Centers, the development of technologies with a high energy consumption, and the introduction of distributed IT architectures are all accompanied by a rising demand for energy. So the IT Department is effectively responsible for generating some substantial increases in costs, to the point where energy management is now among the key operational factors that need to be kept under control.

Similarly, although it may initially have been quite a ‘conceptual’ notion, the concept of ‘Green Computing’ or ‘Green IT’ is no longer just a marketing ploy used to differentiate hardware and software solution providers, but a fully-fledged and deeply serious approach to doing business that has to guide IT Departments.

This IDC conference aims to set out the current situation in full, and identify the issues we have to face up to now, along with the solutions that are available to you to resolve the balancing act of achieving economic, technological AND environmentally-friendly performance.

Did you know that in the space of just five years, the cost of the energy to run their computer systems will represent 60% of overall company energy spending?

Bull, a Platinum sponsor
Didier Lamouche, Bull Chairman and CEO, will deliver a keynote address entitled: ‘In the face of the growing demands generated by Green IT, a new vision: the Bio Data Center™’, at 12.25pm, during the session dedicated to the future prospects for Green IT.

In addition, Bruno Pinna, Bull Corporate Marketing Director, will lead a seminar on how to deploy a Bio Data Center:
- Energy efficiency and virtualization
- Engineering the Data Center
- Tools for managing complexity
- Control.

Find out more and register (using the promotional code 'GRINV') >>

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