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n°24  |  March   2008
Business cases

• Australia Post (Australy)
• Airtricity (United Kingdom)
• Dassault Aviation (France)

• Eramet (France)
• Service d’incendie et de secours du Vaucluse (France)

Airtricity to deploy Evidian’s SSO solutions for secure application access

Renewable energy company will use unique Mobile E-SSO to give its staff authenticated access from any remote PC.

Airtricity, the leading renewable energy company, is to deploy the Enterprise SSO and Mobile E-SSO solutions from Evidian, an identity and access management leader, for all its users internationally. The solutions have been supplied by Evros, Evidian’s premier partner in Ireland.

Evidian’s single sign-on solutions will enhance Airtricity staff’s productivity by simplifying system access, without compromising security. They will also eliminate the risks of staff members having to remember and use multiple passwords to access key applications. Evidian’s Mobile E-SSO solution will give Airtricity staff secure access to corporate applications from any PC or PDA anywhere, via a web portal. Mobile E-SSO will manage the central user directory and password repository to ensure that staff members always have secure remote access to corporate resources.

Says Liam O’Riain, IS Operations Manager at Airtricity: “We wanted to protect access to our corporate information with a single, consistent security policy that is easy to use and with minimal support overhead. The Evidian solution will provide this, integrating with our Active Directory model. It will also give the same benefits of simple, secure remote sign-on to staff when they are away from the office, which is a key business enabler for us.

According to Nick Lamidey, Evidian’s sales director for the UK and Ireland: “SSO delivers security where it is most often needed, for user identification and authentication. Our solutions simplify access for both office-based and remote users, and make SSO easy to deploy and manage. This delivers rapid ROI through reduced helpdesk support for replacing or resetting user passwords.”

Evidian’s Enterprise SSO solution increases enterprise security by enforcing application password policies. It automatically creates and changes application passwords, thus improving user productivity and regulatory compliance, and cutting helpdesk costs. Industry analysts estimate that over 30% of helpdesk calls are for password resets.
Evidian’s solutions secure access to all types of corporate applications – Windows, Citrix, Linux, Unix, Web-based or mainframe. They combine multi-factor authentication with a plug-and-play SSO solution, replacing user passwords with digital signatures based on certificates, smart cards, USB keys, or biometrics. Access is authorized according to existing security policies and enterprise directories.

With Evidian’s Mobile E-SSO, users may connect securely to their web applications from any external PDA or PC browser via a web portal. Mobile E-SSO enforces the security policy and cuts the cost of administration, using the same repository. Mobile E-SSO can be deployed on its own or integrated with most identity management solutions. It is supported by Evidian’s modular identity and access management suite, which offers complementary functions including Web/J2EE access control, identity management and user provisioning.

Evidian Enterprise SSO is available for Windows XP, 2000, 2003 and Vista workstations. For thin clients, Evidian Enterprise SSO is also available in Windows Terminal Server and Citrix (MetaFrame, Presentation Server and NFuse) environments.

About Airtricity
Airtricity is a world leading renewable energy company developing and operating wind farms across Europe. The company is both a generator and supplier of electricity and currently supplies green electricity to over 38,000 commercial customers in Ireland. Airtricity has 14 wind farms in operation throughout Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland resulting in almost 400 megawatts. A further 9 wind farms totaling almost 400 megawatts are under construction with a global pipeline of over 10,000 megawatts.

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