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n°24  |  March   2008
Hot topics
Cardiff University chooses Bull to provide new supercomputer for Advanced Research Computing

Signing ceremony. Standing from left to right:
Liz Fitzgerald (Cardiff), Jenny Newton (Bull), Hugh Beedie (Cardiff), Peter Blood (Cardiff),
Peter Ingram (Bull), Martyn Guest (Cardiff), Steve Moore (Cardiff), Christine Kitchen (Cardiff), Alec McSkimming (Cardiff). Sitting: Phillippe Miltin (Bull) and Martyn Harrow (Cardiff)

Bull has been selected by Cardiff University to provide a High Performance Computing (HPC) solution to support a range of advanced research projects, enabling researchers to tackle problems of significant size and complexity. Cardiff University is one of the leading research centres in the UK including two Nobel Prize winners; Professor Sir Martin Evans FRS being awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2007 for ground-breaking discoveries concerning embryonic stem cell and DNA recombination in mammals and Professor Robert Huber who was awarded the 1988 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for the determination of the three-dimensional structure of a photosynthetic reaction centre.

The Supercomputer will be used by the Advanced Research Computing division of Cardiff University (ARCCA) to provide a high-performance computing service to users in its academic Schools, who currently have to use smaller departmental facilities. A primary role of the newly formed ARCCA division will be to foster the adoption of advanced research computing techniques in all Schools within the University.

The system will have a peak performance in excess of 25 teraflops provided by a total of 2,048 Intel® Harpertown quad cores connected via a ConnectX InfiniBand® interconnect. The system will have a 40 terabyte high performance Lustre® file system, and a 60 terabyte shared file system.

The University is delighted to be working in partnership with Bull on this project that will open up a range of new research frontiers. Research projects in the fields of astrophysics, fluid dynamics, geological simulation, materials science, and molecular simulation amongst many others will see major benefits”, said Professor Martyn Guest, Director of Advanced Research Computing. “The new supercomputer will enable us to compete on research terms with the best universities in the world, and provide a unique opportunity to deliver on ARCCA’s core mission of Research Enablement – our goal is to establish Advanced Research Computing as an invaluable tool for research across all Schools”.

With this installation Cardiff University joins the top table of major HPC centres. Bull is pleased to supply Cardiff with this technology which will enhance its research and learning capabilities for all its students while also cementing Bull’s reputation as a provider of market-leading HPC equipment”, said Jenny Newton, CEO of Bull UK&I.

The performance and competitiveness of the HPC solutions designed and integrated by Bull are now recognized by over 100 customers in 15 countries, across three continents and in all the main market sectors.

Bull will supply, deliver, and install the system during February and March with the aim to begin acceptance tests during April for start of service at the end of April.

Evidian Identity and Access Management Software expands market momentum in North America

Quest teams with Evidian to help organizations mitigate critical security risks using Evidian unique E-SSO security technology

Bull Evidian, the European leader in IAM and a best of breed vendor of Password Management solutions, today announces new market momentum, with the adoption of Evidian Enterprise Single-Sign-On (E-SSO) software technology by Quest, a leading vendor of infrastructure management software. This partnership will strongly extend channels for Evidian unique security technology, notably in North America.

Increasing security challenges
At a time when security enforcement and risk control prove each day more critical, Enterprises are desperately seeking ways to manage one of their core security challenges: access control and password management” said Hassan Maad, Managing Director of Evidian. “While IT applications and users multiply, how to avoid risks of fraud and guarantee regulation compliance? How to verify that users are who they claim to be? How to enforce security policies in line with business roles? A pioneer in Identity and Access Management, Evidian provides the leading technology that solves this challenge, in a way aligned with business policies”.

As recent events show how critical protecting access codes and passwords have become, E-SSO solutions are more than ever at the heart of security solutions and a cornerstone in a global Identity and Access Management system. According to security studies, threats cost organizations $200 billion per year , 70% of attacks come from rogue insiders and more than 60% could be avoided by comprehensive access management procedures and tools. Sectors such as finance, industry, telecom and e-government are particularly vulnerable highlighted by frequent incidents caused by password breaches that can end up in billions of dollars of losses.

A leading technology
Evidian E-SSO technology offers a unique solution to this challenge, while improving at the same time user productivity and decreasing management costs. As a key part of Evidian IAM Suite 8 offering, Evidian E-SSO software offers a best of breed E-SSO technology that allows corporations to enforce security policies and corporate governance. It enables user authentication and access control to be finely tuned to key business policies and processes. A recent study by Gartner Group positioned Evidian E-SSO product as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for E-SSO.

Strong channel growth resulting from IAM technology leadership
Confirming rapid market development of Evidian in Europe and Asia, the new partnership with Quest strongly extends Evidian’s international channels, and further opens up new markets to Evidian technology.
Leveraging technology from Evidian, Quest will team with Evidian to incorporate Evidian E-SSO into its IAM portfolio.

"In today's fast pace, unsecured world, customers increasingly demand cross platform E-SSO solutions that help them strongly enforce security, efficiency, and compliance" said Jackson Shaw, senior Director, product management, Quest Software. "The addition of E-SSO software products from Evidian to Quest's solutions will dramatically improve our ability to help organizations achieve those goals. We look forward to providing this technology to our customers worldwide as part of our IAM offering”.

"After years of continuous innovation and growth, this partnership further demonstrate Evidian's strong momentum in the IAM and E-SSO markets" added Hassan Maad, Managing Director of Evidian. "Following the partnership with NEC in Asia, and our own strong development in Europe, this new partnership with Quest offers further channel opportunities for Evidian. It will enable leading corporations worldwide to benefit from Evidian technology to increase security and compliance, relying on the strong channel presence, expertise and support of Quest”.

About Evidian

Evidian, a subsidiary of Group Bull, is the European leader and one of the main vendors worldwide in Identity & Access Management (IAM) software. Evidian software solutions include Evidian IAM Suite 8, Evidian SafeKit for high availability, and Evidian OpenMaster for Telco and enterprise service management. Business oriented, Evidian IAM Suite 8 is a new generation IAM technology that plugs the gap between traditional IAM infrastructure tools and corporate business policies, removing the common pitfalls inherent in identity-management projects, such as high costs and process inflexibility. It includes Role Management, Identity Management and Access Management/E-SSO for all environments. Evidian has offices and partners within EMEA, Asia and the Americas. For more information about Evidian software, offices and partners, visit

About Quest Software, Inc.
Quest Software, Inc., Microsoft's 2007 Global Independent Software Vendor Partner of the Year, delivers innovative products that help organizations get more performance and productivity from their applications, databases and Windows infrastructure. Through a deep expertise in IT operations and a continued focus on what works best, Quest helps more than 50,000 customers worldwide meet higher expectations for enterprise IT. Quest's Windows Management solutions simplify, automate and secure Active Directory, Exchange Server, SharePoint, SQL Server, .NET and Windows Server as well as integrating Unix, Linux and Java into the managed environment.

More information about Quest Software

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