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n°25  |  April   2008
Business cases

• La Poste (France)
• Social Security (France)

• Wehkamp (Netherlands)

La Poste chooses to outsource its date-stamping solution to Bull

The French Post Office’s range of secure applications include a variety of on-line services that provide customer organizations with the means to generate and manage data items testifying to the chronological authenticity of electronic documents. Among these services is a franking system whereby the current date and time (time and date-stamping tokens), as guaranteed by La Poste, can be applied to or read from documents. Equivalent ‘countermarks’ can also be verified using the application.

Having entrusted Bull with the hosting of its electronic postmarking service, La Poste has now chosen Bull to project manage the hosting, operating, and maintenance of this date-stamping solution. The service being provided includes hosting IT resources, management of infrastructure services, administering application services, and securing the application.

In particular, Bull’s offering meets the stringent security requirements demanded thanks to its ‘dual building’ 24x7 hosting and ‘dual site’ business recovery services.

Designed in n-tier mode, the platform features electronic date stamping shared between several business applications, among them the La Poste’s registered mail service launched in May 2004 (the Lettre Recommandée) and the electronic postmark (the Cachet Electronique) that was launched in May 2006.

This new contract confirms Bull’s capacity to offer complete outsourcing solutions, from hosting to support, in a secure and highly technical environment.

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