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n°25  |  April   2008

Vital digital momentum

D Lamouche

By actively encouraging Franco-German cooperation in High-Performance Computing (HPC), the French President Nicolas Sarkozy has given reason to our strategy. At CeBIT in Hanover, in March, he effectively advocated the establishment of a center for Franco-German cooperation in this area: an essential way for Europe to remain in the global competitive race and preserves its sovereignty and independence in the face of the major American and Asian powers. “These gigantic computers, capable of executing a million billion operations a second, are the driving force behind tomorrow’s research and technology,” declared the French President in the presence of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso. As the key to growth and competitiveness, innovation relies on high-powered computing. Computer simulation effectively helps organizations reduce their development costs and get innovative, more reliable and energy-efficient products to market more rapidly.

It is applicable in all industry sectors (bio-sciences, industry, energy, aerospace, automotive, financial services...) and in all areas (fundamental research, applied research, development, manufacturing...); from the simulation of complex phenomena such as the structure formation of the Universe, to the development of revolutionary high-tech swimsuits worn by World Champions.

So this new initiative will give a real boost to collaborative European projects that are already under way, and significantly strengthen Bull’s position as the only European manufacturer capable of designing and producing these Petaflop-scale machines. While we were not present in this market in 2004, we have achieved an unprecedented breakthrough in this segment, which is now recognized as having strategic importance in all sectors of the economy. As a pioneer in the design and manufacture of large-scale computers based on open, industry-standard components, Bull has made a major contribution to the rejuvenation of HPC market, by democratizing intensive computing solutions for research and industry. With over 100 customers in 15 countries across three continents, Bull’s momentum in HPC accelerated significantly in 2007. But the Group is planning to go much further, much faster, and to double its revenues from this segment from this year onwards.

We are sure that the French President’s desire to ensure that Europe catches up, through an aggressive industrial policy, will rapidly start to become a concrete reality, under the auspices of two great nations who are investing heavily in this area.

Bull is ready to be the key industrial component in this vital digital momentum.

Didier Lamouche
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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