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n°25  |  April   2008
Bull eases the deployment of critical infrastructures in the world of Unix with the launch of a new Escala high-end server
The new Escala PL6460R server:
  • Forms part of Bull’s ‘Bio Data Center’ initiative and meets green computing criteria
  • Benefits from the expertise in Bull’s competence centers

Bull is today announcing the launch of its top-end Escala PL6460R server, based on POWER6™ processor technology. Offering unparalleled levels of reliability, availability and performance for the Unix Data Center, the Escala PL6460R server is perfectly suited to running mission-critical applications for the enterprise: benefiting from the very latest developments in the Escala server family, in particular Live Partition Mobility and Workload Partitions.

Performance, flexibility and high-availability supporting environmental protection
The Escala PL6460R server is designed for critical and complex open Data Center applications involving large-scale databases. The advanced POWER and AIX virtualization functions, such as Live Partition Mobility and Workload Partitions, deliver service continuity and resource optimization, generating substantial savings in power consumption. This represents a fundamental step forward in the move to tackle issues surrounding sustainable development.

In addition, Bull is the member of CSCI (the Climate Savers Computing Initiative), an international not-for-profit organization, whose stated objective is a 50% reduction in IT equipment power consumption by the year 2010.

A complete ecosystem drawing on the very latest advances in virtualization
Bull has designed a series of exclusive offerings with a high level of added value to support the deployment of complex virtualized infrastructures that combine heightened performance and availability.

In the area of high-availability, Bull is strengthening its Bull ARF (Application Roll-over Facility) offering with the launch of version 6.3. In particular, the new release supports Live Partition Mobility (LPM) POWER6 functions, and AIX6™ Workload Partitions (WPAR).
To simplify the task of managing virtualized infrastructure performance, Bull is further strengthening its Bull Performance Report (BPR) suite announced at the end of 2007, in partnership with Systar. BPR provides a global, integrated and analytical view of virtualized environments around Escala. Against the backdrop of the Escala PL6460R launch, BPR is being extended to include Escala’s new LPM and WPAR functionalities.

Making competence centers more accessible to our customers
Bull’s centers of expertise are pivotal to this launch, given their active role in recent hardware and software developments for servers based on POWER6 and AIX6 technologies as recently introduced by Bull and IBM.
Bull’s customers will be able to draw on the full range of expertise available in these centers to define, deploy, implement and monitor their complex infrastructures. The centers’ service offerings range from architecture definition and scoping of application environments through to Proofs of Concept (POC). More specifically, the centers play a key role in the areas of service continuity, middleware and infrastructure rationalization.

Bull strengthens its Bio Data Center™ offering with a new NovaScale® blade server
• Energy efficiency with quad-core low voltage processors and SSD discs
• Enhanced availability thanks to innovative storage technology

Bull launched the NovaScale B260LV (Low Voltage) blade server, designed to cut power consumption for IT infrastructures while boosting their availability. The new blade server features Intel® Xeon® L5400 quad-core low voltage processors, reducing electrical consumption by 40% compared with traditional processors, as well as SSD type (Solid State Disks) discs that reduce energy consumption by 87% in comparison to classic storage solutions.

Because of its low energy consumption, its remarkable performance/per watt ratio, and its high availability level, the NovaScale B260LV server is perfectly in line with Bull’s ‘Bio Data Center’, a new approach designed to rationalize IT infrastructures and reduce their carbon footprint,” explains Olivier Gaumont, Director of Bull’s Servers Enterprise Business Unit.

The NovaScale B260LV blade server is particularly well-suited to demanding environments in terms of cooling facilities, floor space and high levels of performance. Integrated in a high-density, optimized chassis, it provides the ideal platform for Web 2.0 infrastructures as well as for rationalizing and simplifying the Data Center.

Price and availability
Price of a NovaScale B260LV configuration with 2GB of memory, one Intel® Xeon® L5410 processor and a 16GB SSD disc: €3,270 (list price).
Available immediately.

Bull reduces the complexity and extends the scope of enterprise data protection and management with StoreWay Calypso

StoreWay Calypso software suite provides unified data management across the enterprise and delivers new levels of information protection through technology innovation.

Bull announced the availability of StoreWay™ Calypso, an integrated data protection and management software suite. Based on a modular architecture and a common software platform, StoreWay Calypso responds to a wide variety of data backup, archive, replication and search requirements across all major server and storage infrastructures. Providing both operational simplicity, and economies of scale, StoreWay Calypso enables enterprises to reduce both the risk and cost of managing and securing their information assets.

Support of popular applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Oracle and Microsoft SharePoint combined with self-service search and recovery features provides close integration with business applications and delivers value directly to end-users.

StoreWay Calypso is available through an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with CommVault, the leading vendor of Singular Information Management solutions through its Simpana software technology.

Benoit Hallez, Director of Bull’s StoreWay business unit noted “Feedback from our customers has indicated a number of basic issues with traditional data protection strategies. Firstly, there is an historical and entrenched silo approach; Product A from Vendor X for the backup, product B from vendor Y for archiving, and so on. The result is that organizations have difficulty in establishing a coherent data protection and management strategy. The overhead of purchasing, maintaining and administering multiple products is considerable, and this fragmented approach introduces a lack of flexibility that can actively inhibit the evolution of IT infrastructures”.
More and more information is being generated by the end users themselves, and new approaches are required that protect both traditional data centre information and new types of data. The StoreWay Calypso suite responds to these challenges: built around a common software platform, different data protection and management products can be added in a modular way, and they even communicate with each other! The feedback from early customer exchanges has been resoundingly positive, and we are now moving ahead with the deployment of StoreWay Calypso throughout all Bull markets as our strategic data protection and management offer”.

Through advanced features including file de-duplication, data classification and indexing, and hierarchical storage management (HSM), StoreWay Calypso directly responds to the challenges posed by strong and sustained growth in structured and unstructured content, and the need to reduce data storage costs through the optimized storage of data across multiple storage formats, whilst maintaining rapid search and access capabilities.

Price and availability
StoreWay Calypso is now available worldwide with prices starting from €1,850 for a configuration supporting the tape-based backup of a single Windows server running either Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, SQL server, or Sharepoint Portal applications.

Ekinops and Bull subsidiary Agarik team up to open one of the longest WDM landlines in France

Ekinops, an innovative company specializing in multiple protocol, high speed, optical transport equipment, and Agarik, expert in hosting critical Web infrastructures and network operator, have teamed up to open a 10Gb/s dense wavelength data multiplexing (DWDM) link between Agarik’s Data Center in the Ile-de France region and Bull’s Data Center in the Pays de Loire region. Launched in January this year, the optical transport network extends over more than 400 kilometers. The result of both Ekinops’ and Agarik’s practices of innovation, and will help ensure that both companies’ outsourcing customers benefit from the latest advances in terms of network infrastructures.

Ekinops and Agarik worked together on this project with the aim of providing multi-GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) and Fiber Channel streams over one of the longest distances ever spanned by a DWDM link in France. The French telecoms equipment provider Ekinops has won acclaim for its expertise in the design of metropolitan and long-distance networks, and has provided infrastructure operator Agarik with an unprecedented solution which could ultimately double optical signal capacities at minimum cost.

Explaining how they came to choose the Ekinops360 solution, Laurent Seror, Chief Operating Officer and founder of Agarik commented: “The Ekinops 360 platform has enabled us to achieve a real technological breakthrough in the area of optical transport, by boosting the average capacities of terrestrial networks. Ekinops was the only telecoms equipment provider capable of providing us with a cost-saving solution which significantly reduces the number of signal regeneration points while keeping down both infrastructure and operational expenditures.

The design for the solution uses Raman amplification, which is based on an energy exchange, and can be implemented over fibers already in service.

This quantic effect has, as yet, been little used on this type of network, and optimizes the transport capacities of the optical fibers, considerably extending the distances spanned by the optical carrier waves. This advanced technology is mostly used in the context of sub-sea projects. With the integration of this technology by Ekinops, Agarik now has complete control of the broadband network linking its Ile-de-France Data Center and that of Bull in the Pays de Loire region, and can provide new high-value services. Also, by replicating data between the two sites, Agarik can offer its customers a business continuity plan, and a high-performance network storage solution. Moreover, Agarik is currently developing a virtualization solution, which will take into account, in quasi-real time, and without physical intervention, the evolving needs of its customers’ infrastructures.

Bull Outsourcing Services takes a decisive step in the implementation of virtual Data Centers.
With the availability of the new broadband link set up by its subsidiary Agarik, Bull is significantly strengthening its telecoms infrastructures: these increased capacities mean Bull’s outsourcing customers can benefit from the latest advances in technologies and IT processes.
Having virtualized its infrastructures, Bull has now started deploying virtual Data Centers by taking full advantage of all the advances the technology offers, including synchronous and asynchronous replication, geographic clusters and remote backups. Today Bull consolidates, combines and operates all the resources of its Data Centers globally, and is fully committed to the sharing of virtual Data Centers.

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