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N°26  |  May   2008
Business cases

• Seine-Maritime local authority (France)
• Gustave Roussy Institute (France)

Marseille City (France)
Assurance Mutuelle des Motards (France)

The choice of Open Source for Business Intelligence

Bull develops BI information system for Assurance Mutuelle des Motards (a motorcyclist insurance), and implements Open Source (ETL*) solution

A leading player in insurance for two-wheeled vehicles, automobiles and house insurance, the Assurance Mutuelle des Motards (amdm) manages close on 185,000 contracts.

In a new move to optimize sales performance, and to gain deeper understanding of both costs and beneficiaries, amdm has embarked on a project to implement a Business Intelligence (BI) information system.

Bull has defined the overall technical and application architecture, and developed the various components of the new system, including implementing and initializing the datamart, developing and providing unitary tests for the ETL population procedures and status categories, as well as providing support in the run-up to live production.

Data can now be retrieved from various different databases (including DB2, SQLServer, Sybase, PostGreSQL and MySQL) using the Talend ETL solution, chosen because of its highly satisfactory performance/price ratio. Most notably, Bull has developed a connector in Java to drive the datamart, itself is based on SAS technologies.

The first stages of this project will cover development of commercial dashboards.

* ETL : Extract, Transform and Load

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