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N°26  |  May   2008
At a glance
Bull contributes to Open Source innovation in WebOS and Web 2.0 environments

On 18 April this year, Bull joined forces with the Open Source publisher eXo to organize a seminar on WebOS technologies and the future of Web applications, and was involved in the launch of some new and highly innovative functionality for the eXo portal platform: most notably, the introduction of a WebOS. A key member of the OW2 consortium – co-founded by Bull – eXo is an innovative software publisher working on portals and Web 2.0. Bull is both a key contributor to eXo technologies and a leading integrator of eXo solutions worldwide.

During the seminar, eXo unveiled eXo WebOS 1.0, its innovative workstation virtualization platform. At the very heart of the current ‘Web Operating Systems’ (WebOS) revolution, eXo’s WebOS has been designed to enable any user to access a personalized Web desktop simply and intuitively, simply by using a browser on any workstation. This is of particular interest when it comes to mobile computing, especially at the very moment Bull is launching globull, the world’s first true mobile security platform.

The launch of eXo WebOS 1.0 is in synch with the availability of new eXo Platform’s functionalities: eXo Portal 2.0, eXo Enterprise Content Management 2.0 (document management), eXo Collaborative Suite 1.0 (messaging system, calendar, address book), eXo Liveroom 1.0 (video conferencing, white board, chatroom), and eXo Knowledge Suite (wikis, blogs, FAQs, forums).

As a European leader in Open Source integration, Bull has committed to a long-term partnership with eXo, and is one of the main contributors to the eXo community within OW2. As a systems integrator, Bull – along with eXo – has won one of the largest Open Source projects in Europe: to deploy a collaborative platform and document management system for the Belgian Ministry of Finance, the Service Public Fédéral des Finances (SPFF). Combining Bull ‘Open Energy’ services with eXo innovations in RIA (Rich Internet Applications) and WebOS, together with development projects already completed by Bull (including a substantial part of eXo Liveroom), this project will enable the Belgian Finance Ministry’s 30,000 users to benefit from the Web 2.0 open collaborative working suite, undoubtedly the most comprehensive and integrated suite of its kind published to date.

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