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N°26  |  May   2008
Business cases

• Seine-Maritime local authority (France)
• Gustave Roussy Institute (France)

Marseille City (France)
Assurance Mutuelle des Motards (France)

Bull supports Seine-Maritime local authority in a large-scale BI project

Seine-Maritime has embarked on a wide-ranging, cross-functional Business Intelligence (BI) implementation project, to face constraints imposed by the current socio-economic climate, and to better monitor government policies with indicators and aggregate data.

Three absolute requirements: general management, operational management, and a solution that meets local authority employees’ needs
Benoît Dehais, Director of Information Systems for Seine-Maritime explains: “This project is the result of a combination of factors, all of them top priorities for the local authority. First, we need to meet the senior management team’s requirement for dashboards designed to measure and control the authority’s activities. Orchestrated and directed by the management control team, from now on they will need to provide feedback on all our activities through relevant indicators that are increasingly granular. This is true both for key functions, such as social services, human resources and finance, and for monitoring public policies more generally. To meet this objective we must make information accessible more rapidly and easily. And the rewards are considerable: the new system will facilitate decision-making, monitor public expenditure, control margins for manoeuvre within budgets, and provide a comprehensive system for controlling our activities. The second aspect directly concerns the operational departments, who need to access to all the necessary information for day-to-day control of their activities: to understand users’ requirements, particularly when it comes to social assistance, to better respond to people’s needs, to make public services more efficient. Aggregate data is now absolutely essential for operational managers. Finally, this new responsiveness must be of benefit to our employees, who need easy access to the various applications they use.”

A complex and innovative Business Intelligence (BI) project
This kind of management control system depends on a cross-functional information system. For this particular BI project, the first step has been devoted to harmonizing data repositories, as well as consistant management of users’ rights and authorizations to facilitate and secure access to data. Benoît Dehais added: “Our objective was to put a global solution in place. This is quite a new approach for a local authority to take, which is why we chose Bull, as it was able to fulfill all our requirements in terms of architecture, ease of operation, technical implementation and integration, while also capitalizing on its functional expertise in the authority’s different business activities and in financial and human resources management.”

Bull has now implemented a consolidated architecture consisting of Bull Escala servers that meets the authority’s needs in terms of ease of operation, scaleability, service continuity and power-on-demand. The BI solution is built around Business Objects.

This entire project has depended on careful, up-front thinking and meeting stringent implementation requirements. Our imperative is to rapidly supply information that is both relevant and easy to read, under optimum conditions of data security. We expect our partners to be able to mobilize a whole range of skills and resources quickly. Bull’s relationship with our contracting authority and its supporting contractor (Deloitte) has been extremely constructive. Bull has expertly assembled the necessary skills, and rapidly produced a functional and technical solution, controlling a highly complex integration program and supporting us throughout the change brought about by this project, notably providing training for our teams in the current major trends in IT,” concluded Benoît Dehais.

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