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N°26  |  May   2008

Bull’s role as a responsible innovator

D Lamouche

We recently launched three initiatives illustrating our commitment as a socially responsible and innovative company.

The most revolutionary of these is our latest offering: which reconciles security with mobility. One of the major risks for today’s knowledge-based organizations is the loss or theft of data. That risk is greatly increased now that mobility has become the norm. Following on from our initiative focused on secure data storage, we have just launched in France to begin with globull, the world’s most secure mobile computing platform. The same size as a PDA (personal digital assistant), globull is a truly easy-to-use ‘electronic safe’ that allows you to transport all your personal data and your entire working environment, and use it anywhere, on any workstation.

Another vital issue is competitiveness. Computer simulation is the ultimate strategic weapon when it comes to accelerating innovation. Bull is Europe’s leading light in this area, and has recently been selected by the technology research body the CEA/ CCRT (the Center for Research and Technology Computing) to supply a NovaScale supercomputer. This new supercomputer represents a first in Europe in terms of the power it delivers, some 300 Teraflops, and a worldwide first with its original hybrid architecture. We are very proud of our many successes in the world of intensive computing, and I am particularly delighted that Europe is now blazing the trail with the PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) project and the initiative launched at the CeBIT by the French President at the beginning of March this year. As the only European manufacturer capable of designing and producing tomorrow’s Petaflop-scale machines, Bull is right at the heart of this movement.

Finally, the environment now occupies a pre-eminent position in our thinking because of the huge implications of climate change and the need for all of us to assume our share of responsibility. With the Bio Data Center concept, Bull offers some effective answers to intelligent energy use: helping to reducing carbon footprints and so contributing to a sustainable future for everyone while at the same time reducing running costs. We are working together with other industries to take these issues one stage further. Bull is not simply Architect of an Open World, but also of a greener world!

All these solutions and major innovations illustrate the breadth of Bull’s transformation and the Group’s commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen. Thank you for your confidence in Bull.

Didier Lamouche
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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