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N°26  |  May   2008
Bull’s role as a responsible innovator
We recently launched three initiatives illustrating our commitment as a socially responsible and innovative company. The most revolutionary of these is our latest offering: which reconciles security with mobility. One of the major risks for today’s knowledge-based organizations is the loss or theft of data. That risk is greatly increased now that mobility has become the norm. Following on from our initiative focused on secure data storage, we have just launched in France to begin with globull, the world’s most secure mobile computing platform. The same size as a PDA (personal digital assistant), globull is a truly easy-to-use ‘electronic safe’ that allows you to transport all your personal data and your entire working environment, and use it anywhere, on any workstation.

Business Intelligence, a tool to guarantee successful decentralization
Yannick Rolland, responsible for Bull’s BI offerings in France>>


StoreWay Roadshow
Paris, May 27 >

Les Assises du numérique IT Congress
Paris, May 28-29 >

Green IT IDC Conference, Paris, May 29 >

Cube Unix Forum
Paris, June 2 >

Cube AGM
Nice, June 5-6 >


“With globull, Bull invents the world’s most secure mobile computing platform”
Interview with Philippe Miltin, Vice-President, Bull Products and Systems >>

  Hot topics

GENCI together with the CEA order a Bull NovaScale supercomputer to speed up innovation and fundamental research.

Business cases

Bull supports Seine-Maritime local authority in a large-scale BI project.

Bull plays its role in the fight against cancer.

Marseille hands over TMA for over 70 new technologies based applications to Bull.

Bull develops BI information system for Assurance Mutuelle des Motards.


Bull has announced globull, the first platform to offer total mobile security.

At a glance

Bull contributes to Open Source innovation in WebOS and Web 2.0 environments.

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