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N°26  |  May   2008

Bull reconciles mobility and security
Bull has announced globull, the first platform to offer total mobile security

The world’s most secure solution, globull* allows users to carry their working environment with them wherever they go, in complete security, with total protection from intrusions, viruses and spyware. It provides an easy-to-use, comprehensive, technology-based answer to security for mobile computing: combining a hard disk and extensive storage capacity, with a processor protected by ‘defense standard’ encryption.

The explosion of mobile computing... and of risks

In today’s open world, mobility is a growing imperative. Already, the majority of managers and professionals carry out between 20% and 80% of their work outside their company’s offices.

This entails growing risks, in terms of the loss, theft or covert surveillance of sensitive data. Which not only has major impact on productivity and competitiveness, but also on the organization’s corporate image... not to mention the financial consequences.

globull, a concentrated innovation for mobile computing security

Effectively an ‘electronic safe-box’ weighing 120 grams, globull protects against intrusions, viruses and spyware thanks to the ‘defense standard’ technology on which it is based. With globull , the current vulnerabilities associated with ‘secure’ PCs and USB keys are removed, revolutionizing computing on the move. The device allows users to take their entire working environment with them and load it onto any workstation. Each user carries the ‘heart’ of his or her computer with them all the time: totally mobile, and in complete confidence.

globull connects to any workstation – PC, laptop or ultra-portable notebook – any time, anywhere. All the user needs to do is to authenticate his or her identity using the built-in touch screen, to enter his or her working environment with one click. And log off at the end of the session without leaving a single trace on the host workstation.

globull reinforces Bull’s positioning as a major player in IT security in Europe

Bull is a pioneer in IT security through its historic involvement in developing industry standards in this area (including smart cards, PKI, encryption, DCE/Kerberos, Java and XML security...), and also through its participation in major European IT security programs. As a result, globull benefits from Bull’s expertise in IT security and in the defense and military world.

globull features three major innovations:

•  Secure data storage space, built around an ultra high performance cryptographic processor. The secure processor 100% developed by Bull guarantees complete data confidentiality. globull uses CIK (Crypto Ignition Key) technology, which protects the encryption keys in the event that either globull or the host PC is stolen.

•  Protected access to data using strong authentication (secret CIK code input via the touch screen), making the higher level of protection afforded by ‘defense standard’ technology available to all. This puts the system, applications and data beyond the reach of any intrusions or spyware on the host PC .

•  Software virtualization environment , enabling standardized installation of any Windows® or Linux® operating system on the globull device. This means users can protect and carry their own ‘system’ with them wherever they go, and launch it on any workstation. globull is the first solution in the world to fully offer this functionality on Windows®.

globull provides a fully autonomous mobile computing solution. So it can be used to support and secure Web-based ‘cloud computing’ type approaches, thanks to its ability to recreate the working environment that provides the necessary Internet access, and to the addition of totally secure procedures never before available in this kind of environment.

globull is the only solution on the market that truly reconciles mobility with security
At last, thanks to globull , organizations can ensure the success of their mobile computing initiatives, while at the same time protecting their knowledge capital. globull represents:

•  A revolution for users, who always have their working environment with them, totally securely.

•  A revolution for IT Security Managers, who can finally make mobile computing an integral and easy-to-manage part of their remit, because globull is supplied with a complete set of systems administration and customization tools that meet the highest security requirements. So globull allows organizations to totally rethink their corporate security policies.

•  A revolution for CIOs, who can extend the use of mobile computing in complete confidence, with a ready-to-run, flexible solution that can be easily adapted to the business needs of their organization. By combining globull with ‘self-service’ PCs, they can even develop innovative approaches to rationalize their IT resources, reducing the cost of buying, administering and supporting their workstations.

globull is aimed at all sectors of the economy which rely in part on mobile environments to support their growth, including the automotive, energy, defense, services and finance industries, government ministries and other public sector bodies. globull is not only designed to be used by large companies and public sector organizations, but also by smaller businesses such as ‘knowledge workers’ that produce high added-value information, such as market research companies and specialist consultancies.

globull could potentially be used by anyone in a management level position that has to regularly travel or move around carrying sensitive data: not only company directors, diplomats, consultants, senior civil servant, bankers and lawyers, but also very large groups of workers such as sales staff, insurance agents, auditors, engineers and healthcare professionals.

Availability and price
globull is available immediately at a cost of €460 for the entry-level model.

*Announced in France mid April, globull will be launched worldwide this fall.

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