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N°27  |  June   2008

Convergence in action

D Lamouche

New technologies, new services, new ways of using them... The world of telecoms is moving fast, very fast. According to research and consulting firm IDATE, by the end of 2007 there were already 3.2 billion mobile phone subscribers globally: half the world’s population. And emerging economies are getting connected at breakneck speed – China and India accounted for 30% of all new mobile subscribers worldwide in 2007.

For telecoms operators – just as for IT players– the key weapons on the competitive battlefield are innovation, agility and the ability to master the unexpected without ever compromising reliability. Every day they face fundamental challenges: launching new services very rapidly without sacrificing quality, adapting business models, understanding how to cost-effectively manage the unpredictable success of a new service... The growing convergence between information and telecommunications technologies – now so closely associated with each other – is the most valuable driver for meeting those challenges.

With its dual culture as a systems integrator and IT manufacturer, Bull is extremely well placed to respond to the demands of this sector. The fact that revenues from our worldwide business unit Bull Telecommunications and Media have doubled over the past three years is testament to the quality of its solutions, which combine flexibility, robustness and scalability. This is also a powerful illustration of the successful strategic decisions that have driven our transformation; focusing on offering very high added-value solutions to carefully targeted sectors of the economy.

In less than three years, Bull has achieved a leading position in the integration of complex systems for telecoms and media applications and business. We have a unique skill set, and our in-depth expertise in the end-to-end chain of the latest convergence and quadruple play technologies, from infrastructures to applications, means that Bull is a key player in emerging economies, where operators are typically looking for a partner that can offer a ‘one-stop-shop’. With the launch of the sixth initiative in our 7i program – dedicated to the telecoms and media industries – we are further strengthening our centers of expertise across three continents, in order to accelerate the development of new convergent services.

Didier Lamouche
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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