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N°28  |  July   2008
Business cases

• European Commission (European Union )
• Maricopa County (USA)
• Winchester and Eastleigh Healthcare NHS Trust (UK)

Montfavet Hospital Center (France)
Loire-Brittany Water Agency (France)

Loire-Brittany Water Agency chooses Bull to operate and modernize its information systems

State-owned organizations, the Water Agencies have acted beside elected politicians, businesses and the general public for more than 30 years to ensure the quality of water and aquatic environments. The Loire-Brittany Water Agency is located in the French city of Orléans; its 300 employees are based either at its headquarters or its six regional offices. With a budget financed by user fees, the Agency helps fund actions to the common good relating to water in the Loire-Brittany basin.

The Agency has undertaken a vast program to modernize its information systems. Continuous change and the need to maintain constant quality have led the Agency to implement a new way of working that enables it to manage its IT resources so it can provide the levels of service demanded by users.

It is against this backdrop that the Agency has decided to hand over responsibility for running its information systems – as well as user support – to Bull. The aim of this move is to automate and professionalize processes, guarantee service continuity and provide the necessary technical expertise particularly in times of evolution.

Bull, which already provides third-party application maintenance services to AELB, was chosen for two essential reasons:

  • The added-value it could deliver thanks to its services and support centers, which provide the expertise, resources and processes needed to operate and support Open Source environments such as Linux, JBoss, Apache and Tomcat, as well as new technologies. The availability of expertise is particularly vital when it comes to guaranteeing continuity of service and managing future evolutions of the information system.
  • Bull’s capacity to put in place a flexible organization, capable of anticipating change and being proactive in the face of the continuous evolution of AELB’s information systems.

The four-year project will be delivered at the customer’s site in Orléans.

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