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N°28  |  July   2008

Constantly re-inventing ourselves

D Lamouche

For business, the era of established positions and unchanging situations is over. No matter what industry sector they operate in, companies can no longer be content simply to manage their existing assets and only advance at snail's pace. Now is the time for constant renewal, for permanent transformation. In order to cope with competition flooding in from all sides, and to meet market expectations, we need to anticipate, innovate, adapt... A single imperative must guide us: to constant re-invent ourselves.

Bull understands these demands better than anyone. Our aim is to help businesses and public sector bodies build solutions that enable them to manage these constant upheavals, day in, day out. And, just like our customers, Bull itself is engaged in a program of fundamental transformation, including:

  • Strengthening our Services business, something that our recent acquisition of CSB Consulting will contribute to
  • Putting the accent firmly on delivering very high added-value solutions, such as secure data storage and High-Performance Computing (HPC)
  • And finally, giving essential priority to research and innovation, as demonstrated by the Multipol policy management research project being managed by our subsidiary Evidian and by Globull, our revolutionary mobile encrypted working environment, which has already won over the authorities at the European Union.

But in this climate of constant evolution, one absolute principle must remain for every business: its values. It is only really by respecting its identity, its history and its principles that an enterprise can transform itself without the risk of losing itself and ensuring that change is accepted and taken forward by everyone in the business. At Bull, professionalism, skills, a passion for technological innovation, commitment to our customers, and a sense of our responsibilities have always shaped our culture. They remain what we demand from our people. The formal structuring of our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a perfect symbol of our strategy in transforming our business: capitalizing on the best of our heritage to respond to tomorrow’s challenges.

Didier Lamouche
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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