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N°28  |  July   2008
Business cases

• European Commission (European Union )
• Maricopa County (USA)
• Winchester and Eastleigh Healthcare NHS Trust (UK)

Montfavet Hospital Center (France)
Loire-Brittany Water Agency (France)

Montfavet Hospital Center turns to Bull to upgrade its information systems architecture

Located on a 175 acre campus, the Montfavet Hospital Center specializes in psychiatric medicine and takes patients from its own département, the Vaucluse, as well as neighboring areas.

The Hospital wanted to modernize its information systems and improve the levels of IT security. It has decided to upgrade its IT systems architecture and equip itself with a business recovery suite, so it can implement a Disaster Recovery Plan in the event of a major incident.

Bull was awarded the project to enhance the IT architecture, which includes:

  • Replacing the existing hardware platforms with new-technology servers (two Bull NovaScale blade server chassis, equipped with 17 quad-core bi-processor blades, a Bull Escala cluster for the production network, and nine Bull NovaScale rack servers for overall systems administration and other specific requirements)
  • Implementing a server virtualization solution (VMware and AIX®)
  • Migrating of various versions of Microsoft software and Citrix thin clients to more recent and stable versions
  • Prototyping a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution (Citrix)
  • Implementing a Microsoft PKI and authentication solution via Radius
  • Replacing the back-up solution with a newer one delivering better performance and matching office automation requirements more closely (Atempo/Time Navigator and Overland NEO 2000 robotics)
  • Centralizing data storage and replication (EMC² Clariion).

The new architecture that Bull has recommended features optimum redundancy between the two computer sites, to ensure effective implementation of the Disaster Recovery Plan.

Bull has supported the Hospital throughout the project, including:

  • Carrying out audit
  • Preparing mock-ups, prototypes, pilot systems and full implementations
  • Easing the workload of the systems administration team by providing technical assistance for the old infrastructure
  • Monitoring the new technologies being implemented
  • Maintenance and support for the products and technologies being implemented
  • Managing the entire project, supported by a Quality Assurance Plan.

One of the key challenges of the project was to ensure perfect parallel running of the two systems during the change-over phase, and to effectively manage the migration to the new architecture. With this in mind, Bull’s capacity to manage complex projects and deploy the many different kinds of expertise needed to modernize this kind of architecture was an essential asset.

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