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N°28  |  July   2008
Bull extends the reach of enterprise data protection

With its StoreWay DPA Data Protection Appliances, Bull protects remote office and departmental data

Bull has launched StoreWay DPA, a range of data protection appliances aimed at ensuring the protection of data that is often beyond the reach of existing enterprise data protection measures, including server and PC data in Remote Office/Branch Offices (ROBOs), and in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

A recent IDC European user survey commissioned by Bull - Storage Optimization: Challenges, Difficulties and Winning Strategies of European Companies - highlights that 51% of IT managers have little or no visibility of how much data exists in the enterprise outside of their data centres, and that this data is very often unprotected.

The study also confirmed that the growth of data within organisations is accelerating, and that de-centralised and unstructured information such as email and personal productivity data are the primary causes of this growth.

The full study can be downloaded at

The StoreWay DPA appliances provide flexible and easy to use data protection.

An innovative approach to data protection:
  • An integrated software and hardware solution, StoreWay DPA appliances include backup software, backup disk, DVD writer and optional tape devices.
  • Easy to install and use, StoreWay DPA is designed to protect data on sites without skilled IT personnel, where often no existing data protection solution exists.

Benoit Hallez, Director of Bull's StoreWay business unit, notes "StoreWay DPA fills an important gap in the data protection measures of many organisations. Information within the data centre is generally well protected, but outside of the data centre, it is often the Wild West with little management of data. StoreWay DPA complements existing data protection measures and provides pragmatic and cost-effective protection of information assets such as email and PC data that are becoming increasingly important to the daily operations of organisations".

StoreWay DPA Features & Benefits:

Multiple Backup modes

  • Disk to Disk (D2D), Disk to Disk to Tape (D2D2T)
  • Replication of data between DPA appliances for Disaster Recovery purposes.
Wide range of supported Operating systems
  • Windows (server and PC), Unix, Netware, AS/400, Linux

Enterprise Application Protection

  • Microsoft SQL, Oracle

Mail Server Protection

  • Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes

Advanced data protection features

  • Bare Metal Restore
  • Snapshot
  • Online database and email backup
  • Continuous Data Replication.

StoreWay DPA is available in a number of different desktop and rackmount models providing scalability from a few Gigabytes to several Terabytes of data, and is available worldwide at prices starting from 990€.

Evidian Enterprise SSO improves authentication management in Microsoft® environments

Evidian, a Bull company and the European leader in identity and access management (IAM), announced the availability of new features in its Enterprise SSO authentication management offer, as part of the new IAM Suite 8 evolution 2 version. They improve deployment flexibility and enhance security, especially regarding audit and evidence management.

Enhanced authentication management and Windows® Vista support.
Evidian Enterprise SSO 8 evolution 2 manages strong authentication on Windows Vista, providing the same functionality for all supported Windows versions. The emergency access feature, also available on Windows Vista, is very helpful for roaming users and lowers help-desk load in case of loss of password, card or PIN.


Integration with Gemalto SA Server
Drawing on its partnership with Gemalto, Evidian includes the management of Gemalto SA Server® in Enterprise SSO 8 evolution 2. Organizations can harmonize card assignment procedures for combined local/remote access.

Mobile E-SSO from a Windows server
The Mobile E-SSO module now runs on a Windows server. It enables roaming users to benefit from SSO access to their applications, from anywhere in the world, without installing any software on their stations. This Evidian feature is unique today in terms of convergence between Web SSO and enterprise SSO.

More flexibility for mass deployments
A major advantage of the new Enterprise SSO version is that mass deployments for thousands of users are very easy. The various features of the solution can be configured for redundancy, load balancing and server selection. These features are especially useful in multi-domain Microsoft Active Directory environments. ADAM servers can now be used in multi-domain configurations, so fast deployments can be done without modifying the Active Directory schema. To facilitate the management of large configurations, it is now possible to allocate fine-grained rights to local administrators. Thus, tasks are delegated to the spot where they are the most useful.

Easy installation for small configurations
The new version improves ease-of-use for small installations, and does not require any new hardware. It uses existing infrastructure so SSO can be deployed gradually. Organizations can add, step by step, new stations and additional features such as the audit option.

About Evidian

Evidian, a subsidiary of Groupe Bull, is the European leader and one of the main vendors worldwide of identity and access management (IAM) software. Evidian software solutions include IAM Suite 8, SafeKit for high availability and OpenMaster for systems and applications service management. Evidian has offices and partners within EMEA, Asia and the Americas. Evidian software helps more than 600 organizations worldwide to increase their agility, security and regulation compliance, while reducing their costs. For more information about Evidian software, offices and partners, visit

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