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N°29  |  September   2008
Business cases

• Open Source ERP in a Central Bank (africa)
• Spanish Parliament/El Congreso de los Diputados

• MN Services/NL/Escala
• Vedior/outsourcing

Bull supports the first successful implementation of an Open Source ERP in a Central Bank, for 80 million people in 8 countries.

Nexedi and Bull announce the first successful implementation of an Open Source ERP in a Central Bank, to manage the monetary system of 80 million people in 8 countries. The solution includes the ERP5 software, integrated and deployed by Nexedi on a Mandriva Linux distribution. It relies on a powerful storage infrastructure, integrated by Bull. Never before has an Open Source project reached this level of strategic mission critical application in the banking sector.

Used everyday for five months by 300 power users, the solution interfaces with the SWIFT network, with real time compensation systems. It can process up to 5000 complex transactional workflows per hour, demonstrating the power, scalability and flexibility of the ERP5 Open Source software in terms of workflows and security rules, as well as its strong quality assurance process. Each day, more than 3000 automatic tests cover every detail of the application and of the monetary operations, to ensure the system will meet customer expectations without interruption. With more than 60 modules, ERP5 Banking provides the full scope of a Global Banking solution.

"As Architect of an Open World, Bull is a long term contributor and supporter of Open Source software" said Luc Saint-Jeannet, Vice President, Bull International Operations, whose service teams have integrated the SAN behind this success. "This project is a new demonstration of the power of Open Source software to build open, flexible and secure information systems for mission critical operations."

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