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N°29  |  September   2008

Transformation brings its rewards

D Lamouche

Thanks to the solid results we recorded for the first half of this year – a period most notably marked by intense re-focusing on high added-value business activities and by a 21% improvement in our operating profit – Bull is on course to meet our targets for the year. The upturn in sales was especially marked during the second quarter, with orders up by 20.6% and a 4.3% increase in revenues.

These figures reflect the fact that Bull maintained its good performance in a time of economic uncertainty, and they illustrate how our business strategy has proved to be right. Clearly the transformation embarked on by the Group three years ago is now yielding tangible results.

A good example of this is the way our Services business has grown by 19.9% over this period, twice the overall market rate, continuing the trend of the five previous half-year periods, and affirming that our dynamism is paying off, especially in the e-government and telecommunications sectors. Order intake in Bull’s Systems business – underpinned by our secure storage and High-Performance Computing (HPC) offerings – has grown strongly (by 23%), confirming the importance of these two new engines for growth.

In this area, we have also announced the signing of a major contract involving collaboration with the French Atomic Energy Authority (CEA) to design and acquire a petaflop-capacity supercomputer destined for the French nuclear weapons simulation program, the first system designed in Europe capable of carrying out one million billion operations per second!

Speed, agility, innovation and profitability: these are Bull’s daily bread. We are constantly striving to serving you more effectively, and to ensure that Europe has an information technology industry of the very highest caliber.

Didier Lamouche
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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