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N°29  |  September   2008
Bull acquired French publisher SIRUS, specialized in human services management software

Bull further enhances its offering to local authorities and consolidates its presence in the public sector, one of its key strategic targets for growth

The acquisition of SIRUS, a French company specializing in information systems managing social work activities and the publisher of Genesis a software package aimed at the local authority market, should enable Bull to support local and regional authorities in France as they take on their new responsibilities in the area of social engagement.
In particular, this involves providing local authorities with the ability to build up a global picture of each of their ‘clients’ and to manage each person’s file in a single, coherent way. In addition, Genesis will be integrated into Bull’s Libre Cité™ (Open City) offering, an e-government platform designed to provide an interface to all local authority’s existing applications portfolio.
One of Genesis’ key advantages is its object-oriented design. This ensure a high degree of flexibility when it comes to adapting to the frequent changes in social legislation and the need to take account of new benefits that French local authorities have to administer. The solution is also designed for the wider European local authority marketplace, in which Bull has a strong presence.
Bull is positioning itself as the benchmark solutions integrator for local authorities,” explained Jean-Pierre Barbéris, General Manager, Bull France. “Bull offers a truly cross-functional approach to information systems, and is very well versed in synchronizing business processes within local authorities. The acquisition of SIRUS complements our offerings in this area, helping us to deliver high-performance e-government solutions”
“Being part of Bull will give our company the critical mass to respond to major projects. By bringing together the know-how and expertise of our teams, we can offer cross-functional solutions than enable interoperable information systems to be built that break down the barriers within the organization,” confirmedEric Bunodière, Chairman and co-founder of SIRUS. “We will also be able to call on Bull to support our growth both in France and internationally.”

Social work: a new momentum in French local government
With the decentralization laws in France, the role played by regional authorities, or Departments, in delivering social services has been substantially upgraded. They are now front-line actors when it comes to administering social support services, and have become directly involved as the main interface between citizens and local administrations in their daily exchanges at both regional and national level. The CCAS*and CIAS** are prime movers for human services at a local level. The objectives common to all are to uphold a global and human approach to the needs of every individual, to offer citizens a personalized relationship, optimize the efficiency of procedures and facilitate the networking of social services players. Meeting these new challenges requires authorities to put together open, interoperable and unified information systems.

With its strong presence in the local government sector, Bull can offer a global solution to meet these challenges. Its objective is to support local authorities as they integrate new welfare and public health initiatives, and notably with two dedicated solutions: Genesis and Libre CitéTM

* CCAS: Centre Communal d’Action Sociale
** CIAS: Centre Intercommunal d’Action Sociale

Bull consolidates its Bio Data Center™ offering with a single-socket, low energy consumption NovaScale® blade server
  • Excellent price/performance ratio, and outstanding energy efficiency
  • Simple to deploy thanks to Bull’s Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS)
  • Enterprise-class reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS)
As part of its initiative aimed at combining performance, flexibility, and sustainable development through the ‘Bio Data Center’ approach, Bull has launched the first ever single-socket blade server on the market: NovaScale B240 blade server featuring either dual-core or quad-core single-socket Intel® Xeon® 3000 series processors. Designed for enterprises with tight budgets for implementing their infrastructures and critical applications, it is also the ideal server for hospitals or local authorities, as well as subsidiaries and/or large branch offices of major companies that are looking for both availability and straightforward systems administration for their scalable architectures.

RAS features plus energy efficiency, at an attractive price

The NovaScale B240 server offers the same RAS characteristics (reliability, availability and serviceability) as Bull’s other blade servers. Its high performance capability enables it to administer a large number of critical applications, such as SAP. The housing for the blades is less than 35cms wide, and can contain up to 14 Bull blade servers, whether these are X86 or Power6®-based units. This means Bull can offer a single and unique, scalable and easily administered platform for customers using VMware®, Linux®, AIX® and Windows®.
The NovaScale B240 server consumes 50% less energy than a traditional server of an equivalent capacity, and provides enterprise-class RAS characteristics in a format that is simple to use.  

Rapid deployment

Thanks to Bull’s Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS), dozens of NovaScale blade servers can be deployed automatically via the systems administrator in the same time it takes to deploy a single blade manually. The result is lower server deployment costs, and potentially the elimination of most of the errors that result from manual deployment. In addition, the RDS solution provides the tools needed to facilitate update operations, migration towards VMware infrastructures or easy restoration of system images.

Turnkey solutions deliver lower total cost of ownership

Bull’s R@ck'n RollTM solution makes it possible to deliver turnkey solutions, such as the blade servers and their associated storage sub-systems, assembled in a rack. These rack-based systems can be wired up, assembled and integrated in advance, for an easy and rapid deployment at the customer’s premises, which means considerable time savings and lower total cost of ownership. With R@ck'n Roll, up to70 Bull NovaScale and/or Escala servers can be delivered directly to the customer site in a turnkey configuration that is ready for immediate deployment. This means blade-based infrastructures can be installed and up and running in hours rather than days.

Price and availability

The cost of a NovaScale B240 configuration with 2 GB of memory, an Intel Xeon 3110 series processor and a 73 GB SAS disk, Rapid Deployment Solution license plus a NovaScale Master license is €1,495 (list price). Available immediately.

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