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N°30  |  October   2008
Business cases

• Marine Nationale (France )
• Catalan Government (Spain)
• The State of New Jersey (United States)

Bull to integrate RH@psodie, the French Navy’s Human Resources payroll Information System (HRIS)


A project that is central to the French government‘s modernization program

The French government’s Human Resources Management entered a new era with the arrival of the ‘LOLF’ law (Loi organique relative aux lois de finances) in 2006, and the impetus this gave to modernization projects. In the framework of the Ministry of Defense’s reform programs, the French Navy is deploying a single information system to handle its HR and payroll management applications, based on a common inter-ministry kernel. Central to these initiatives are the objective of improving Navy’s HR and payroll practices, and rationalizing the different inter-force systems in a step-by-step program of overall convergence.

With this aim, a common inter-ministry kernel has been defined in 2005 to ensure coherence between the various HR policies, to improve management tools, and to control budgets thanks to resource sharing. This database, which today is managed by the National Payroll Office(ONP), is built around a pre-configured version of SAP’s ERP, ECC6. Ministries choosing to adopt this common kernel can enrich it with their own specificities.

It is against this background that the French Navy has entrusted Bull with the integration of its new HR and Payroll Information System, RH@psodie. Bull is to deploy this project – – which involves significant organizational and functional elements –- and is to deliver the whole of the technical hosting infrastructure. The project will involve some 60,000 service men and women (both active service and in reserve), 40 ships and three sites for development, production, training and disaster recovery activities.

Restructuring and putting processes on line are at the heart of the RH@psodie project
In the first instance, the project aims to harmonize all processes involved, and notably by interfacing HR and payroll systems currently organized in silos. For this to happen, processes will have to be totally re-engineered to take into account both the specificities of the French Navy, and the overall rationalization requirement. RH@psodie will therefore make it possible to downsize from 46 to 11 HR and payroll applications, with a single point of entry for data input.

Another major step forward is that the French Navy is taking the radical step of moving towards online payroll documentation, which will ultimately lead to a new and dedicated Navy payroll treatment system.

While aiming to provide ongoing support for the Navy's global quality and shared resource initiative, Bull is to act as prime contractor for this project from the development phase through to deployment, integrating the common inter-ministry kernel, preparing the changeover to the ‘Louvois’ payroll system, and integrating component applications such as Archimed and, which will enable online services and legal archiving.   

Building a robust, modular and scalable infrastructure
To meet the high levels of service quality required both on land and at sea, Bull has defined an innovative SAP-compliant infrastructure that satisfies the conditions imposed by the navy’s work environment, and takes into account its specific objectives of availability, integrity and confidentiality. The infrastructure is to be hosted on up to 90 Bull NovaScale blade servers, all SAP databases being consolidated on a single Bull StoreWay storage bay. (EMC CX3 technology). This highly modular architecture is tailored to suit the French Navy's structure and organization both functionally and geographically.

Finally, the infrastructure has been designed to fit into the global rationalization program of the Navy’s information systems and support processes. 

Managing change: a key component for convergence  
Bull’s job is to ensure a smooth transition to the new organization that – once the new HR and payroll information system is in place – will host the whole of the French Navy’s HR function, in collaboration with the inter-army services center. Bull is to provide user support, and will participate in managing the change involved in introducing the new HR and payroll system.

HRBC, a Bull company specializing in HRIS integration, is prime contractor of the RH@psodie project for a provisional period of two years, which may be followed by third-party maintenance and third-party maintenance-in-operational-status agreements.

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