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N°31  |  November   2008
SAS Forum France - Paris, Palais des Congrès - 13 & 14 November

Considered as the most important event of the BI market, SAS Forum brings together about 1500 people from IT to business departments.

Sponsor and technological partner of SAS Forum and Gold partner of SAS since 2004, Bull brings all its expertise, functional and technical, to help companies and public sector bodies to implement effective BI system.

  • Bull’s SAS expertise center, located in les Clayes-sous-Bois manages the most complex SAS infrastructure solutions. This center works in synergy with SAS customer support in France and tits R&D in the United States. It tests the new SAS versions, designs and provides the appropriate infrastructure, optimizes performance on Bull architectures.
  • Its Services teams master SAS technology on the whole of the value chain from design to resources optimization.

Bull will present at this SAS Forum a number of BI achievements testifying the dynamism of its collaboration with SAS.

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Combining IT agility with business priorities - Friday 14 November 2008, French Aero Club, Paris

From Open Source to Virtual Shore, new perspectives on software development

Today, with new technologies enabling ever more complex and interoperable information systems to be built, the veritable automation and industrialization of software development processes is absolutely key to enabling businesses to respond fast to their requirements for growth.

This is a constant challenge: research shows that less than a third of development projects go as planned, even though the alignment of information systems with business priorities is absolutely essential to all organizations’ performance.

Bull, a pioneer in software development factories/forges, is launching Virtual Shore™, a whole new mode of software development that combines the flexibility of collaborative approaches, the power of software development factories and all the advantages of Open Source.

This morning event – which kicks off with an opening session exploring the adoption of Open Source in business functions, chaired by American industry analysts Forrester – will be a great opportunity to find out more about the advantages that collaborative development can offer and the new horizons opened up by Virtual Shore, through expert presentations and business case studies.

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DigiWorld Summit 2008 - the Future of the Internet
30th IDATE international conference - Montpellier, France, 19-20 November

The Internet is at once the point of convergence and the driving force behind most of the changes and innovations in the digital world. DigiWorld Summit will address these various issues, with particular focus on the views of the industry’s leading players, while providing European and international perspective with South Korea as this year’s Guest Country.
High-level specialty sessions and plenary sessions will be devoted to a cross-sector and forward-looking perspective. Moreover, they will take advantage from the sharp analysis provided by IDATE experts.
Bull, Integrator, Industrial and Innovator, establishes himself as a key player in the Telecom & Media market and is involved in this major event.
Come and meet Bull experts on our booth (#3).

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InfoSecurity France - Paris, 19-20 November

InfoSecurity Europe is among Europe's leading Information Security events, addressing today's strategic and technical issues in an unrivalled education program and showcasing the most diverse range of new and innovative products and services from the top security solution and services suppliers.

Bull will launch its 7th initiative dedicated to IT security at this industry show, highlighting its full range of security solutions: globull™, Evidian’s IAM products and security services.

Come and meet our experts at Bull booth.

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Real Storage Solutions for your Virtualised Infrastructure - November 20, Grimbergen, Belgium

This day led by experts from Bull is a unique opportunity to improve your knowledge of the latest storage and virtualisation solutions.

In this seminar you will have the opportunity to discover:

  • How Bull’s StoreWay storage integration organisation can help you manage your information management challenges;
  • How you can use VMware VMotion to improve the flexibility of your virtual server environment;
  • What storage problems European organisations are facing and the solutions and strategies that they are putting in place;
  • 7 practical ways in which you can improve the levels of data protection within your existing environment;
  • How Bull can help you maximise infrastructure uptime with its proactive HA999 service.

Bull invites you to find out more about its solutions at this seminar November 20th at Salons de Romree, Grimbergen.

Stay with us for a cocktail and participate in a draw to win an Apple iPhone

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Virtualization and all around - Prague - November 20

This seminar organized by Bull and Intel at Clarion Congress Hotel Prague will focus on virtualization techniques. NetApp and VMware are both partners of the event.


  • Boris Mittelmann, Bull Solutions Consultant: Bull and VMware partnership, Virtualization and Consolidation Academy and VDI demo.
  • Evzen Pavlovsky, Intel Business Development Manager: Intel server technologies
  • Pavel Korcan, NetApp Senior Manager Alliances: If virtualization, then properly!

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CDSE seminar: Security, opening the way towards sustainable competitiveness - 26 November – Paris

Against a background of globalization, and with the growing threats from terrorism, fraud and data theft, security now has to be seen as a key component of competitiveness and differentiation, rather than as a limitation and additional expense for the enterprise. A number of recent failures in security systems highlighted by the media have shown just how important the issue of security is to the survival of the enterprise, and to its development.

What aspects of security are essential to a full appreciation of the problem? What are the functions and the limits of enterprise security? What respective roles do the State and individual businesses play when it comes to fulfilling society’s need for a certain level of security? What are the issues that go hand-in-hand with the existence of an enterprise security policy? Does the security policy applied by the enterprise play a financial or social role? What will be the outcome if enterprises continue to underestimate the importance of these questions? Do decision makers appreciate the full significance of this challenge?

In an attempt to answer these questions, the enterprise security directors club CDSE (Club des Dirigeants de la Sécurité d'Entreprise) seminar will be held on 26 November from 9am-5pm, in the AGF auditorium (87 Rue Richelieu, Paris I) with the participation of senior managers representing AREVA, Bull, EADS, GDF SUEZ and Vigeo.

Following an opening address by François Roussely, the President of the CDSE, and Anne-Marie Idrac, Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, Didier Lamouche, Chairman and CEO of Bull, will speak on: Security: a new challenge for competitiveness.

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Ensuring service continuity for IT infrastructures - Toulouse, 27 November

It’s becoming a major concern for IT Directors and CIOs: How to take advantage of the latest technologies to meet ever more demanding service level requirements?

With the increasing globalization of the economy, and the rise of the Internet and mobile computing technologies, doing business is now a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week activity. And that mean, for most organizations, that any kind of service interruption is not longer acceptable.

Against this backdrop, information systems are a major business asset. IT Directors and CIOs have to ensure continous operations and focus their actions towards preventive measures, in line with the needs of different business functions. The increasing power of IT (in terms of processing power, virtualization, storage networks...) opens up new opportunities to respond to these demands for service continuity. A whole new vision of the Data Center is taking shape, based on simplification, industry standards, flexibility and cost optimization.

Bull – as a specialist in IT infrastructures that combine open systems and mainframes – is driving forward that vision, capitalizing on its extensive experience built up as a result of its consulting and outsourcing activities.

Bull, NetApp and VMware invite you to find out more about their solutions and hear customer case studies and expert opinions at a morning-long seminar.

Find out more and register (French only) >>

Open World Forum
Floss, Innovation and Competitiveness - Paris, Maison de la Chimie, 1-2 December

IT and businesses are in the midst of a fundamental revolution: the Free Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS). At the crossroad of FLOSS, the first Open World Forum will provide an international place where community members, politicians, IT decision makers, software project managers and leading-edge researchers and academics can meet to strengthen collaboration, identify key trends and cross-fertilize ideas and initiatives. Through tens of sessions, activities, and events, the Open World Forum will bring among FLOSS's best keynote presentations, community events, and technical tracks, covering from high level business policies to deep technical insights.

Created by a pioneering group of communities and IT industry players, the Forum has already attracted the majority of the largest FLOSS communities and ITC companies from across three continents.
This brand new initiative, initiated by Bull and other major European and French players from the IT world, the Open World Forum will bring together most of the world’s leading technology and software players in Paris including AtosOrigin, Bull, CapGemini, IBM, HP, SAP, Siemens, Sun, Thales..., as well as the largest FLOSS communities (Apache, Eclipse, QualiPSo, Linux Foundation, OW2,...), major research organizations and competitiveness clusters (Cap Digital, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, INRIA, Fraunhofer FOKUS, South China University of Technology, System@tic, ...), the main European and French Open Source industry associations (ADULLACT/OSOR, AFUL, April, Silicon Sentier) and a widespread international network of SMEs from across four continents, with the active support of the European Commission, the Paris City Authorities, Ile-de-France regional council and the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Bull will be part of the plenary session on Tuesday 2 December, with Jean-Pierre Barbéris, General Manager of Bull France.

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Open Source Breakfast seminars BPM, the cornerstone of SOA implementation - Paris, December 17

Each month, Bull offers an open invitation to its breakfast-time seminars, each focusing on a theme linked to implementing Open Source software. Led by experts, these morning sessions offer pragmatic solutions to IT managers seeking to integrate Open Source software into their information systems. Their objective: to bring true technical contents to IT managers, which are willing to expand the use of Open Source software and eager to benefit fully from it.

The experiment of big Open Source-based projects, its links with the Communities, its capacity to support many components together with a long practice of Open Source software acquired in its R&D centers, make Bull a major actor in the Open Source world.

Wednesday, December 17 - BPM, the cornerstone of SOA implementation. The importance of a methodological framework and key points of the approach. Bull’s approach to Open Source.

From 9.00 to 11.00 at Centre Régus, Paris La Défense, Tour Ariane

More information (French only) >>

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