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N°31  |  November   2008
Business cases

IFP updates its central HPC resources
A new supercomputer to help meet new challenges

IFP – a world-class public sector research and training center in France – has recently updated its High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources, in a project which follows the pattern seen in the HPC world since 2003: replacing vector computers with Linux clusters to address all the various needs of research and development.

Bull subsidiary Serviware responded to an invitation to tender published by IFP at the end of 2007, to provide significant pre-sales assistance needed to put together a comprehensive solution that met the institute’s needs and was competitive in terms of both price and performance.

We chose Serviware’s offering, because it responded most closely to our criteria relating to the performance of our business applications, suitability for a multi-disciplinary environment with very heterogeneous codes, density, heat dissipation, integration with existing systems, and price,” explained Stéphane Requena, HPC Architect at IFP

A supercomputer delivering overall power of 17 Teraflops
Serviware installed and integrated the entire supercomputer, which went live in 2Q2008, enabling IFP to rapidly benefit from its new computing resources.

The move meant that the available computing power increased by a factor of 4.5 compared with the previous configuration (and a factor of 350 compared with the set-up in 2003). These new resources will enable IFP to meet the major technological challenges of the future in the areas of internal combustion, catalysis and simulation of large-scale oil reservoirs.

As Philippe Ungerer, Scientific Director of IFP, explained in more detail: “Our applications cover a very wide field: from simulation of oil reservoirs and fluid mechanics, to molecular modeling. So it is essential that we have a high-performance, multi-purpose and reliable central supercomputer, which offers a good balance between price and quality. The solution put forward by Serviware was very much in line with what we were looking for, and will make a major contribution to helping us remain competitive.”


About IFP
Expertise working for the energies of the future
IFP is a world-class public sector research and training center, aimed at developing the technologies and materials of the future in the fields of energy, transport and the environment. It provides public sector bodies and industry players with innovative solutions for a smooth transition to the energies and materials of tomorrow: more efficient, more cost-effective, cleaner and sustainable.

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About Serviware
HPC and storage integrator and specialist
Serviware, a Bull Group Company, is a major player in the implementation of supercomputers, server clusters, HPC clusters, and NAS, SAN and iSCSI storage systems. As both a supplier and integrator, Serviware delivers comprehensive services and installation enabling its customers to overcome IT problems and concentrate on their core businesses.
As a center of expertise bringing together experts in HPC, storage and graphics visualization infrastructure implementation, Serviware delivers the most appropriate IT solutions to meet your needs: from the supply and installation of stand-alone computers, to the total modernization of an entire site.

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