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N°31  |  November   2008

Yes, we can!
The world is changing fast, very fast. The USA has just elected its new President, who has the ambition and new ethics to defend his country’s leadership and interests with much greater pragmatism. Distancing itself from current dogmas, the US State will play a new role in regulating a flawed financial system and supporting its economy.


Bull and SAP: toward a sustainable Datacenter
By Benoit Hudzia and Ben Greene - SAP, Ahcene Latreche - Bull  >>


SuperComputing 2008
Austin/USA, November 15-21 >

InfoSecurity, Paris, November 19-20 >

PETEX 08, London, November 25-27 >

Open World Forum, Paris, December 1 >

NAFEMS conference, Paris, December 4 >


Capitalizing on all that Open Source has to offer”
Interview with Jean-Pierre Barbéris, General Manager, Bull France >>

  Guest speaker


Gabon Public Revenue Office in the electronic payments era: a first in Africa
Interview with Christophe Akagha-Mba, Senior civil servant in the Paymaster General’s department >>

 Hot topics

Bull announced the opening of the Grenoble StoreWay Solution Center in partnership with EMC.

Bull teams up with SAP Research on joint R&D initiative for Green IT.

Business cases

IFP, a new supercomputer to help meet new challenges.


Virtualization and environmental responsibility: Bull and VMware extend their partnership.

At a glance

3Q2008: core business activities record notable growth, and EBIT objective is confirmed at the upper end of the initial range.

Bull – Joseph Fourier prize advances computer simulation.

45th and 46th Known Mersenne Primes Found.

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